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Just got my purple belt in BJJ under Roberto "Tussa" Alencar. Got me thinking, as I only lurk these boards. How many experienced grapplers do we have on the board? I notice a lot of striking and mma related threads, but considerably less discussions of grappling, specifically in the technique sharing department. Speak up and show yourselves! >:slightly_smiling:


Hey killer, im a purple belt under Erik Boranian, a student of Yousef Alirezaei. i mainly do no gi though, so my belt doesn't really mean much lol. i got about 5 years experience in BJJ , also 2 mma fights and lots of boxing background.


Im a blue belt, I got it under Alex Desousa. I have been blue for about 6 years+. I dont train at a Gi class at the moment.

I do want to get my purple belt though so I will have to start going to a Gi class soon!

I maninly do No gi now, not for mma, I just prefer No gi as I find its more free flowing. I hate being held in positions by the gi!

I am hoping to do some No gi competions this year.

Any tips on how to take it from blue to purple? or is it just more practice?


yeh man just keep practicing, compete more often, and perhaps work on a portion of your game that is lacking.


I've had my purple belt for a couple of years (was presented it by Royce Gracie). Trained up to blue belt with Roger Gracie and currently train with a Felipe Costa brown belt. (Felipe comes to visit us a couple of times a year)


Judo for 20+ years I have a blackbelt there
wrestling thru college and some Greco international club work

bjj purely for recreation - no belts there


Like Ellis said, work your weak areas. I did No-Gi for a few years before starting bjj, I'm still better at it, but I love the Gi game a lot more. Anyway, I found my weak areas by asking my rolling partners. I also get to train 2x per day 6 days a week. So when I found my weak areas, I drilled the heck out of the techniques/movements to tighten up. That's actually something that I've added a TON more of; Drilling. Another purple my size from the school and I have started drilling specific scenarios/techniques we're emphasizing in our game at that moment. We trade off for 3 minute rounds at the end of every morning class and night class. It's worked wonders.


Judo, 12 years, Black Belt.

BJJ, 2 years. No belt there. Probably would have had one had I trained a lil' bit longer. But I got bored and moved on to something else.


Greco-Roman wrestling x 17 years
BJJ, no gi x 7 years

A belt is meaningless to me. Always has been, really.


I just realized - you grew up or where born in Brooklyn too

with Judo - I wanted the belt- cause I spent a ton of time on it
BJJ it never mattered as much


Yup. Born and raised for the first 13 years of my life in Brooklyn. Got out of there when shit started going bad.

I said f**k the belt when a school/federation tried to charge me $250 for my black belt test.



6 years boxing
11 years Grappling which include HS wrestling,Sambo,Judo and catch wrestling

Now doing basic pummeling,takedowns and top control with a lot of heavy bag 2 times a week.


I like the "pretty rude" part. That's exactly how I felt when the "master" told me there was a price, and then how much. Never saw me again.


4 Years of folkstyle wrestling, 2 years of Greco Roman, 3 years of Judo (blue belt), 1 year of BJJ now. I'm trying to continue with Judo while learning no-gi BJJ at my University.


I'm a blue under a guy called Jason Quek who teaches in these parts.

About three years exp.

Yesterday I got tapped out in 10 seconds by Gilbert 'Dorinho' Burns' brother, Herbert. So while I'm not totally shit, I still have a long way to go, lol.


Looks like we've got some solid grapplers here! Awesome! If anybody would like to throw up some match footage of themselves as well, that would be awesome. I'll start. from 2010 https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=180627821961133


My last MMA fight for fun https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=317545721602675


its an old video but i don't have a lot of footage of myself

flying armbar in a jiujitsu tournament


I love belts because I been doing no Gi for 5+ years and recently started training Gi about once week- twice a month on a stop in basis at my buddies dojo.

The best part is that I start with the blue belts as I have no rank and thats where you start. Respect thing.

But as the day goes on I get challenged by higher belts and it gets progressively more challenging and more work

I end up competing with the brown/purple belts and hold my own very well.

I like the ranking system, its usually a strong indicator of skill. (always exceptions)

Can someone list the order of belts in ranking. I always get confused.... lol