Fairly Severe Wrist/Forearm/Bi Tendonitis

I have a pretty serious case of tendonitis in the forementioned areas that is most severe on the top side of the wrist. It originated in the bicep tendon and was a fairly serious problem as I was a pitcher. After baseball season, rehab and rest got it back to 100%. I went back to lifting as usual after it was healed. Over the past couple months however, I have noticed the bicep and forearm areas being tight and this eventually turned into pretty bad pain in the wrist. Incredibly difficult to pull my hand back. Especially painful/weak during any pressing movement.

Everytime that this injury has occurred, I’ve taken time off, healed it, and re-injured it- each time with a different lift. I’ve now resorted to heavy wrapping of my wrist and a strap for my forearm that is designed to take pressure off of the effected tendons. This helps some,but is still not satisfactory. Anyone have any suggestions aside from rest, ice, etc?? I guess I can quit being a pussy, but am honestly a little worried about the long term effects of lifting/playing through this injury.

Also, I’m also somewhat concerned about the wrapping/bracing making these areas weak and, in turn, making this worse. Any truth to this thinking?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.