Fairlife Protein Shakes

Thoughts on the Fairlife 30g protein shakes? Good? Bad? Any experiences with them?

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I mean, they’re protein and the chocolate one is okay tasting, if that’s what you’re asking.

If memory serves, it’s like $2.50 per 30g which was painful to pay for. Biden took office since the last time i payed for them so it’s probably 30-50% worse now.

You’re always better off getting your protein from whole food sources. 1lb chicken breast has about 100g protein in it.

But a shake on the go can be a helpful tool during a cut.

I’d stick with Metabolic Drive if the goal is quality protein. If it’s a matter of grabbing something quick, you could do worse, but I’d go for the hardboiled eggs if it’s a gas station situation, or a greek yogurt or something.


Yeah, basically looking for something quick. I can get these for $1.05/ea in a 24 pack from Sam’s Club. Currently doing Metabolic Drive in Greek yogurt for bedtime snack.


Deal of the Century! Grab a couple cases!

Well, it’s not a “shake.” It’s just milk with some added low-cal sweeteners and gums. There are no additional protein sources. But not terrible.

I was a bit confused about how this adds up to 30g protein. Should be around 12g. I think it has something to do with it being ultrafiltered. Less water?

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I should probably just stick with protein shake, huh?

It’s not a bad choice when you’re in a pinch.

I see no issue with it. If you handle dairy well, continue to use it. It is milk protein. Powdered protein has just as many if not more preservative/additives.

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I love them, especially on road trips. I like supersetting a bottle of that with one (or two) of those protein pop tart things when I stop at a gas station. When I’m in Canada, they have these Grenade brand Oreo protein bars that are delicious. A Fairlife Elite Core Power shake with one of those bars is truly an “elite” combo!


They’re at gas stations and Walmarts all over the place and they’re delicious