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Fainted After Pinning


Just thought I would share what happened to me a few days ago as I think it'd be interesting to read and might even help someone out if they come across this thread.

Three days ago I was pinning a pec for the first time and I was a little nervous. There's a strong subconscious dread in sticking a needle in your pec, at least the first time (now I'm fine with it). Anyway, normal pinning procedure; stuck the pin in, aspirated successfully with no blood to be seen anywhere, then began pushing the plunger in. .3ccs in I started getting tunnel vision and decided to pull out.

After pulling out, dark venous blood began to leak out and I could feel I started to lose consciousness. I turn around and made a run for my bed, needle in hand, and never made it. I just semi crashed/layed down on the floor, passed out for probably a couple seconds, then came to again. I changed heads on the pin and finished it up in a quad.

What a weird feeling. My first time fainting, ever. I just pinned the same pec today successfully but again, blood leaked out after pulling the pin out. Weird. Anyway, this got me to thinking of the possibility of fainting with the pin still in. A friend of mine once passed out during a glute injection (likely caused by his nervousness) and landed on the pin when he hit the floor. Makes me cringe just imagining it, let alone imaging if it had happened in my pec...

Lessoned learned that I will be doing all my injections sitting down from now on, just in case. Has anyone else had any experiences like this?


No experience with it whatsoever. But a question would be were you standing or sitting when you pinned the pec? Nervous as you stated you were, you may have locked out your legs. It's not just a lack of blood, but the surge of blood that can cause instant faints. I've watched a cashier at a store standing at those frustrating self-checkout deals and he just fell sideways like a tree. Good thing the pin wasn't buried when you fainted/fell. It's kinda hard to implement the buddy system when pinning, but damn this makes want to.


Haha! I know, right? I wish I could have someone else do it but I just don't trust it. Plus it's nice to be able to go by "feel" as the pin goes in. I was standing when this happened, so it is possible it was due to my nervousness combined with the shift in blood like you describe, I don't know. I do know that this, and MUCH worse, can happen if you inject into a vein, which also may be a culprit. The bitch is that I aspirate every time and yet, when I pull out, blood spills out every time (from that pec).


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Wow my mistake. I meant .3cc haha! 3cc anywhere would be rough, let alone in the pec. It's been a long night...


is there any problem with pinning 3cc's in the glute? i'm about to start my first cycle of test E and that's how much my first shot will be (frontload). is it ok to do it all in one shot in the glutes or should i split it up?


Eh, for me that's borderline. I keep it closer to 2, 3 would be uncomfy


Did you use the Z-track method? I usually get less blood when I do.


3cc is fine. I frontloaded 3cc into the VG without issue. Glute should be no prob.