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Failure & Resistance


Its been about 2 months now that I've been in the gym. My focus has been to set my mind on the actual keeping of the habit of a three times a week work out. I now weight 163.5 LBS 5'10. I have a decent amount of body fat mostly in my torso and A-Cup man breasts. :slight_smile:

It feels good to be getting somewhere but I have not been watching my calories at all. Ill eat anything that gets put in front of me. Whenever I feel like eating I open up the fridge and eat, to put it bluntly all of this weight loss stuff seems kind of seems to take up a lot of thinking and I just want to do my work out.

What I need help with is getting through all of this bull shit because it seems really annoying to learn about dieting, doing cardio workouts and stretching. If your getting pissed off then so am I.

  1. What is the importance of running
  2. How much should I eat, what should I be eating and how often.
  3. What the hell are calories?
  4. Where is the DUMMIES GUIDE on T-Nation

I can't seem to think clearly about.
. How do I figure out what kind of body type I have


Seeing that you've obviously had access to this site since '04, I'd be surprised if you get ANY serious responses. Well, unless it's from the '09 crowd fresh off an article binge.

Edit: Looked at your post history. Why should we help you again? You've asked for help more than once since '04, and you haven't done SHIT.


read. google. something. the answers are out there. why aren't you trying to help yourself?


WTF? You've been here since 2004 and made 3 threads (or is it 4?) about your "update" and you don't even know the most basic thing in nutrition is?


wow, what have you been doing these past 5 years?!!?!?


Hey Jack offs...the guy asked a question. Answer it appropriately or keep quiet.


you are not going to be popular around here...


I guess my point is why spend your time posting a wise guy remark? We don't know a posters circumstances so why ridicule them?

I have had several surgeries over the last few years as well as other physical problems that kept me from challenging myself at the gym. I have been reading T-Nation since 2005 yet only recently began working out. Based upon the above posts I may be a lazy bastage. Maybe I am.


piss off. he can read the articles just like the rest of us


Fuck it ill do it myself.


Did you read his previous posts? If it's a genuine beginner question then the people here wouldn't mind answering it, but this guy obviously wanted every single thing to be spoon fed to him (and I'm actually giving him the benefit of the doubt here and not call him a troll). He didn't even bother reading the forums and hundreds of free articles provided here. He can find the answers to his questions just by reading the FIRST PAGE of the beginners forum.

You said you were injured several times and can only start working out recently. Fair enough, but at least you made an effort of reading through T-Nation and didn't ask the people here what a calorie is.



Link a couple of good ones for me, merci beaucoup.