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Failed Training Session


Hi Folks,

I just finished the worst workout session I ever had! I didn't hit my targeted Squat weight, so didn't I with my DL and my Bench felt awkward. (ID day on TM, just if you wonder :wink:) My body fucked with my mind and my confidence that I wont get the targeted weights. It's extremely rare that I'm not fully motivated :-/
What came to my mind were several questions and that I'd like to hear your experiences with some of these cases.

  • What are you doing, If you can't get yourself confident enough to hit the heavy weight? Are you spontaniously changing something (f.ex. speed/reps etc.?) or just trying and perhaps failing?

  • If your trying to analyse the session, do you have any conclusions for the next time?

Excited to hear your experiences on that.




To answer some of your questions, try not to think about all of that horse shit, don’t over analyze yourself man. Sometime you need to get raw and fucking intense and just attach the weight like a caveman. I have been in the Army for over 10 years and in that time I have been blown up, shot at and have been in some pretty god awful places.

So whenever I am at the gym I feel blessed not only to be their but to be alive. So I don?t hit a weight or whatever I shake it off and try next time. I?m just happy to be fucking alive, let alone in the gym. How long have you been training? Whenever I have a poor day in the gym I think back to the skinny 132 pound kid that could barely bench 85 lbs. Now imp close to hitting 3 and a quarter.

Remember man like life, lifting is a journey. There will most definitely be ups and downs. Stay the course and reach your goals man, don?t be like the other 99% of the population that has a knee jerk reaction to failure. Overcome it and don?t let it get the best of you




I was going to just say, ‘they can’t all be winners’ but Marne put it ever so much more eloquently lol. So… yeah, what Marne said.

If it becomes a pattern then look into things like giving yourself a backoff week or if that doesn’t work some form or program tweaking. But only if it’s a pattern and not a fluke.


Some damn true words Marne!
Referring to you and Mark Bell as well “Powerlifting is a marathon, not a sprint” and thanks for reminding me once more.

Going back to my session. The Squat was an epic fail, the bench was a fight and especially because of that, I didn’t even try to hit the targeted weight on my Deadlift. Instead I did some Rep/Speed work.
The best case would be to get into the gym and be ready to go and hit those damn weights but we all know (unfortunately) the sessions where we simply feel that we can’t make it today. If this is the case, what are you doing?
An extra day of rest or getting creative with your lifts (reps, speed, etc.)? I’m just curious how you handle this situation :slight_smile:


Not everyday is a homerun. What really defines you is if you get pissed off and make a change and get better. Or say fuck it and quit. The choice is always yours.