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Failed Set... Just an Off Day?


First and foremost I want to apologize for my recent baby rage outburst. To everyone.

I was over thinking things too much, and decided instead of trying to make my own plan to follow the programs as prescribed.

Today I did my 2nd workout with the simplest strength template. Deadlift and front squats. I suddenly failed on my 3d deadlift set. I had to do 155 kg for 3 and first attempt I couldn’t lift it from the floor and after resting like 5 mins I succeeded 1 but my form wasn’t optimal… While I’ve pulled 5 x 160 twice in past weeks… I took a 4 day break before this and am a bit sick. Thought the break would do me good. So I guess I had an off day. Just didn’t think it would be so drastic, that I failed my 1st rep on 3 week suddenly. What are your thoughts about this?

One more question. Is the strength challenge part of the year program repeatable? Planning to do this after 2 cycles simplest strength.


As long as it is a one-off, you are fine.

Remember the rule of 5 reps Jim keeps preaching about.

Ye gonna see how I do next week. Thx for the response. I had an off day before, where for example I hit few reps less. But this was like a fail on a weight 15 kg less than my last 1rm. So I was kinda scared this is abnormal.

I would suspect it’s just an off day as you suggest. There are many factors that can cause them: deviation in sleep patterns, variance in diet, life stress etc.

If it’s just a one off, then re-attempt the lift at another date when you are feeling 100%.


I dunno what it was, but I felt that during the warm up sets, the weight felt heavy also.

Hmm i did some research, as I used another type of bar on the deadlifts as the others were taken.

It was like the newest bar the gym has and a few cm longer then the regular i used. Also it is a very stiff bar with slightly bigger diameter.

I asked the gym worker there, but he didnt knew much about the equipment, and said they both weigh 45 pounds, or 20 kg, but i seem to feel a little bit of difference, holding them in my hands.

I dunno yet about bar kinds and what’s best for deadlift, but could it be possible that that made me pull 15 kg less then i’m used 2?