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Failed PCT, Low Test, Bloodwork

It’s been a few years since Much AS use, then a few months back I decided to run some sust for 12 weeks.
My old “2 serm “ basic pct didn’t work like it used to, I think my dosages where to low and time frame was to short.
I’m about 7-8 weeks post PCT and just not bouncing back, right now I plan to try to run clomid only at 25mg a day, taper off and retest.

But I’m open to other suggestions.

My balls are sort of back but I can tell my test is low and bloodwork confirmed it. Libido isn’t totally shit but not like it should be.

I’m almost considering trying to get a real prescription Incase my clomid isn’t good.
I’m 32 years old

Take a look at my blood work

I know this will sound weird and a lot of people will disagree but you should give a testosterone boosting supplement a go. Yes they don’t work to further increase your levels from their highest point, but they do work really well in taking you there. Try this, if not then try Dr. Micheal Scally’s power PCT if you’re really worried but it’s pretty harsh and I personally wouldn’t use it, although it DOES work. Good luck.

Do you have pre cycle bloodwork? What’s your natty test level around?

That’s the other issue, I never did precycle blood work cause I felt good . Big mistake.

So far I’m one week on 25mg everyday of clomid, I’m considering adding a small dose of nolvadex in or dropping the clomid to 25 EOD to keep estrogen levels in check.

your testosterone is higher than my natural testosterone level

my pre cycle natural level was : 3.49 ng/ml range is 0.86 - 7.88

i am age 32 by the way

it was 5.0+ 4 years ago i dont know how it degraded so much