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Failed on Top Set of 5x5


Hey guys I just failed out on the top set of madcow 5x5. I hit 1x4 instead of 1x5. WHAT SHOULD I DO????????? Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated


I really dont think its a big deal, i think u should just try that weight again next week and youll probably get it


It might depend how Friday’s triple went and how hard this set actually was. I’ve missed the last two weeks set of 5 just because of shifting my weight and losing good leverage on my current weight. I’m repeating last week, but repeating this one is doubtful as I’m correcting my problem. Take all of that however you want.

If you’re far into the program, advancing may not be the best choice in my opinion since you’ll probably stall harder. If it was just some minor slip up, go on. If you really think you should repeat this week(for all lifts…why not for simplicity sake?) then do it. If you truly feel you can advance up that 2.5%, go for it and give it hell. Just be eating.


Good work. You’re not afraid to push your limits…you will progress past this just fine.


Wouldn’t change a thing. One bad training session does not mean anything. If you have a few, you may have to figure out what the hell went wrong. For now, I’d stay the course.