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Failed on the Last Rep of the Last MP Set


Don't feel like sticking to the same weight because i failed on the last rep but would it be the smart decision to just do the same weight again?


This whole thread needs context.



but don't fail next time.

then you will have gotten stronger.


Depends a lot on how many reps you're doing and what your goals are. If you're trying to get stronger and you're pushing more than two reps, increase the weight next time, and come back to this weight in a few weeks.

One thing I'm learning the hard way right now; DO NOT FAIL A REP IN THE 1-5 REP RANGE!! If you think you can do two more, just do one. If you think you can push one more, rack it. It's really hard for me to hold back like that, but I've had some great reinforcement lately (great progress while holding back, shitty progress while pushing too far, big strong mofo cluing me in)


Yeah, I saw Wendler write about this - he said that when he put in 90% of max effort, those days would lead to the best gains. Leave 1 in the tank, you're not a pussy if you do.


so don't fail the last rep of the last set of a 5x5?


If you are not experienced enough to know how far you can push without failing, go for it. That's an important thing to know.

If you have a couple years under the bar and know your body well enough that you know you'll have to bail on it, then rack it.

Looking back at my logbook, I can see the pattern now. Every time I've had to bail on a lift, it set me back a couple weeks. My best progress has always been from those periods of time when I stepped back a bit and started inching back up. The 'easy' weeks have been worth more to me than the really hard ones.

It's been exactly the opposite when I've worked in the hypertrophy range, though. My best gains there have come from blasting it until I couldn't move the weight any more, then cheating out a couple more reps.