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Failed HPTA Restart Results Summary, Super High Test, Gainz at the Gym, What Next?

Hello - I am 27 Years Old guy from Europe. Did a lot research on this awesome forum and I want to self-start TRT to help my symptoms. I’ve already bought Testosterone (It’s impossible to get prescription in my Country), and have last few questions before starting. Please look at my background and labs and help me, I need it desperately.


27 Y/O - Always Super High Libido, Non-depressed and Anxiety. Doctor prescribed antidepressants for anxiety and been on them for >3 years (Prozac, Wellbutrin, Brintellix). They helped at the beginning, After second year of Prozac libido was non-existent and after withdrawal still didn’t back to previous state. Soft Erections, Weak Orgasm, Weak sensitivity.
I am 3 years drugs free now. Non taking anything more than supplements.
Feeling emotionless and zombified - desperately want my old self.

Due to Low SHBG - I am thinking about starting Testosterone Propionate ED for 6 weeks and then introducing small dose of HCG. I want to use SubQ method. Can someone help me with proper dosing and syringes?
I believe that less is more and I want to start with fairly small dosage of Testosterone, just to make my Free Testosterone in the upper range. I don’t want to use AI.


		                          Results 			       Range

FREE TESTOSTERONE 12,20 pg/ml 4,5 – 42
TESTOSTERONE 3,21 ng/ml 2,490 – 8,360
SHBG 17,5 nmol/l 17,3 – 65,8
FSH (did it twice by mistake) . 1,65 mIU/ml 1,40 – 18,1
FSH 2,5 mIU/ml 1,5 – 12,4
ESTRADIOL 36,64 pg/ml 7,63 – 42,6
PROGESTERONE 0,3 ng/ml 0,2 – 1,4
PROLACTIN 9,4 ng/ml 4,0 – 15,2
DHEA 4,013 ng/mol 1,33 – 7,78

TSH 1,706 uIU/ml 0,550 – 4,780
FT3 Free 3,91 pg/ml 2,30 – 4,20
FT4 Free 1,36 ng/dl 0,89 – 1,76

PSA Total 1,41 ng/ml <4,00

WBC 7,3 K/ul 4,0 – 10,0
NEUT 3,88 K/ul 2,5 – 5,0
NEUT % 53,4% 45,0 – 70,0
LYM 2,68 K/ul 1,5 – 3,5
LYM % 36,9% 20,0 – 40,0
MONO 0,36 K/ul 0,2 – 0,8
MONO % 4,9% 3,0 – 8,0
EOS 0,32 K/ul 0,04 – 0,4
EOS % 4,4% 1,0 – 5,0
BASO 0,03 K/ul 0,02 – 0,10
BASO% 0,4% 0,0 – 1,0

RBC 5,34 M/ul 4,1 – 6,2
HGB 16,5 g/dl 14,0 – 18,0
HCT 48,0 % 40,0 – 54,0
MCV 90,0 fL 80,0 – 97,0
MCHC 34,5 g/dL 32,0 – 36,0
MCH 31,0 pg 27,0 – 34,0
RDW 12,1 % 11,0 – 15,0
PLT 263,0 K/uL 150,0 – 450,0
MPV 8,8 fL 6,1 – 11,0
LDH 229 IU/I 120 – 246
Serum Albumin 4,8 g/dl 3,5 – 5,2

Cholesterole HDL 42 mg/dl (less) > 45

Sodium 143 mmol/l 136 – 145
Potassium 4,1 mmol/l 3,5 – 5,1
Calcium 2,39 mmol/l 2,10 – 2,60
Magnesium 2,34 mmol/l 1,60 – 2,60
Total Protein 7,6 g/dl 6,0 – 8,0
Creatinine 0,90 mg/dl 0,70 – 1,20
EGFR >=60 ml/min/1,73m^2
Total Cholesterole 151 mg/dl 115 – 190
Triglycerides 160 mg/dl (more) <150
AST/GOT 32 U/l <45
ALT/GPT 54 U/l (more) <45
Bilirubin Total 0,82 mg/dl 0,10 – 1,20
Iron 162,1 ug/dl 50 – 70
Glucose 91 mg/dl 70 – 99
Urea (BUN) 26,8 md/dl 10 – 50
Uric Acid 6,7 mg/dl 3,5 – 7,2

What about my results that are not in range - ALT, Triglycerides, HDL - is it an obstacle for TRT?
Another things that I am struggling with - what will be good dose to start?
What syringes I should use, can someone send me videos how to inject properly Int and SubQ?
What time of a day I should inject my self to copy a natural testosterone cycle?
How about fertility, I have the feeling that SSRIs made me infertile quite a bit,
how can TRT possible make this worse, what is the real risk?

Any other advices and comment will be appreciated.
I just want normal life back.
Be happy, have relationship, have kids. Thanks!

I would start with 50mg twice a week, 27g, 1/2 inch needle, insulin syringe.

Then don’t, see how you respond. If you are not overweight, you may be fine, but with liver enzymes being a little high, E2 may be an issue.


Three and a half days apart.

Take 250IU hCG, three times a week.

Plenty on youtube.

I missed this, I would start with cypionate and twice a week. See how you respond before increasing frequency. You may add hCG later.


Thanks for helping me.

One more question - Is doing cypionate twice a week is good idea with such a low SHBG?

Everyone is different, but typically controlling estrogen is easier on more frequent dosing and it’s your best chance at avoiding an AI.

Personally I felt way better on daily dosing, there were no peaks and troughs felt on daily dosing during the 6 weeks adjustment period. On an EOD protocol I feel the swings a little more until I reach a stable state.

You’re welcome.

Yes, it is a good idea. I know guys with single digit SHBG who do fine with twice a week injections. However, everyone is different. I am reasonably sure once a week would not cut it, enough so that I would start with twice. Twice a week might be fine, good chance it will be, but if it is not, you can always increase injection frequency. Generally, I think it makes sense to start lower both in terms of dose and frequency and increase as needed.

One problem is that I gathered Test Propionate so I wanted to start with Propionate.
Knowing that it has shorter half-life, I should inject EOD. So I will try with that and then change to Cypionate after finishing a vial as advised.
Could you help me with proper dose of this on SubQ injections EOD?
On the vial there is written Test Propionate - 10 ml - 1000mg
So weekly dose will be 1ml - 100mg
What will be proper EOD dose then?

A proper dose is the one that works for you. I’ve always done once a week dosing and I’m not sure I know anyone personally doing more than twice a week.

If I had to use propionate as in your case, I think I would take 30mg every other day. You can always adjust it up from there, but it seems the guys I read about here doing more frequent injections use lower doses and do fine.

I would do 15-20mg EOD to start out, it’s tough to tell not knowing how you metabolize testosterone.

I’m doing 18mg EOD right now because I know it will produce free T levels between 15-21pg/mL or 3/4 of the top of the ranges or higher.

A 20mg EOD protocol just causes problems with estrogen as long as I have a high body fat percentage.

Keep us posted on your progress, glad I could be helpful.

Thanks for all contribution, means a lot to me. I will try to keep this topic update, my first injection will be in next two days I guess (waiting for syringes package).

7.12 First Injection
Dose - 25mg
Needle - 30G
Syringe - Insulin
Method - SubQ

Went super Painless and easy - not noticable effects yet.

Please help - I feel terrible after 1st injection I probably slept like 15 hour today. Super foggy and hot flashes from time to time.
According to my results Estradiol and SHBG - maybe it is estrogen spike?

You may feel like this for the next couple of weeks as your body adjusts. Your pre-TRT labs show estrogen on the higher end and testosterone on the lower end.

I believe estrogen will always be a problem for you without an AI, if this protocol causes estrogen to be too high, an everyday protocol may your only chance to avoid having to use an AI.

I wonder how the propionate ester works out via SQ. Let us know.

9.12 2nd Injection

Question: Is it good to do basic labs (TT, FT, E) after two weeks or it will be better to wait 6 weeks?

No change in dosing and method.
Not noticable effects, maybe better erection and litlle bit more libido, my balls are aching a little bit, but not much.
Super foggy and hot flashes are gone for now, feeling way better than at 1st injection.


IMPORTANT QUESTION - before It’s too late.

If I am thinking right and considering my results - I could be secondary hypogonadal thanks to SSRI. Recently I started reading about HPTA Restert Protocol - that can bring your hormonal pathway work again. And in my state it could be possible and I wouldn’t be depend to TRT for life.

Is it more wise to try TRT for 6-8 weeks and then start Restart Protocol or stop TRT after 2 injections and attemp Restart immediately?

I think it’s pointless if you will try a restart.

Start restart now.

I will be waiting couple weeks for HCG so I cannot restart “just now” - how dangerous were 2 injections of 25 mg prop for me?

Only point of doing 6-8 TRT trial is to see if I am a responder and see the benefits.

Huge thanks for help.