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Failed a Set with Hepburn Layers. Next Step?

Hey CT,

I’m on week 2 of your Hepburn Layers from your Thibarmy Blog.

  • Bench Press - 3rd layer @72.5% x8/7/7
  • first 2 sets were tough af. 2 set was a grinder. On set 3 I hit 4 reps and that was RPE10

I chalked it up to a bad night’s sleep and not enough carbs. Any way, what do you think? Should I reduce my 1RM weight or give it another go next week with the same reps? Or just move on?

Maybe you started too heavy… things shouldn’t be hard at all until week 4 or 5. Take a page from Wendler and always start a bit lighter than you think you should

Fair enough. I tested my 1RM the week before… Ah well, it happens. Do you suggest terminating and starting over or just lighten for the remaining 2 week?

Start from scratch with 10% less… the percentages I gave are only for illustration purposes… pic weight with which the first sets of 3 are heavy, but solid and no grinding

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