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Fail: "Slavery Was Hard and So is This Workout"

A PureGym branch in Dunstable, UK just learned a hard lesson about what you post on the internet:

“The workout, entitled “12 Years of Slave” after the Oscar-winning movie with a similar title, included 12 different moves such as burpees, push ups and box jumps.”

Yeah because that’s equal to this:

. In 1756, Hazat was recaptured after running away, and Thistlewood “put him in the bilboes both feet; gagged him; locked his hands together; rubbed him with molasses & exposed him naked to the flies all day, and to the mosquitoes all night, without fire.” Thistlewood often had a slave beaten, after which salt pickle, lime juice, and bird pepper were rubbed onto the open wounds. He wrote that when two slaves named Punch and Quacoo were caught for running away, they were well flogged, “and then washed and rubbed in salt pickle, lime juice & bird pepper.” A slave named Hector was whipped for losing his hoe, and Thistlewood “made New Negro Joe piss in his eyes & mouth.”[29]

Another slave would be forced to defecate into a runaway slave’s mouth, which would then be forced shut via various methods for hours. Thistlewood called this favoured form of punishment for runaway slaves and the eating of cane that belonged to the planter “Derby’s dose”.

Yes, I think someone’s seriously considering their choices. It’s been trending all day here

And I thought Hamilton Brown (Kamala Harris’s Irish/Jamaican Ancestor/slaver) was an asshole.

That Thistlewood had him beat.


And the purpose of it all was to honor Black History month right?

Oooh the irony.

trolls gonna troll.

I don’t think what Thistlewood did was actually out of the ordinary in the slavery days, the big thing is that he kept a detailed diary.

Was the gym owner or manager black though? If he is then he is a fool, if he isn’t then he’s an even bigger fool considering the sensitive climate these days.

Brown was active in trying to recruit Irish people to work in Jamaica. In December 1835, 121 people from Ballymoney, Antrim, set off from Belfast for Jamaica on the James Ray , a brig owned by Brown. They settled in St Ann. In 1836 he brought a further 185 Irish people to Saint Ann. An effort by planters in 1840 to encourage large-scale Irish migration to Jamaica to settle lands that might otherwise be occupied by newly-freed slaves, failed after the project was criticised in Ireland as potentially making slaves of the migrants.[14

I think one of the real poisons of today is equivalency “OMG!!! You’re comparing a visit to a park with war??!? You animal” but this is a true example of fucked up.

Further detail: the guy who came up with the fatal tweet is black. I had assumed the thing about doing the workout for Black History Month was a crass racist joke! In fact it’s just meatheads trying to be normal.