Faigin's Hormonal Enhancement

Can anyone give me a quick summary of the type of exercise Rob Faigin promotes in his book “Natural Hormonal Enhancement”? I have searched the web and found alot of good pub for his book. However, most of it just says how great the book is without going into much depth of what he advocates.

He seems to be a HIIT advocate but that is all I can get from my search. Has anyone read the book and would be willing to share some insight? I guess I could order it but would rather have some idea about the book before shelling out the $30.

He doesn’t promote any “type” of training. What he does say is weight 3 training sessons per week at no longer than 45mins. Last rep/set should be failure. He doesn’t give sets or reps just the time limit. So traing split is up to the individual. Cardio on off days, which he says will help recovery.

I have the book and used the “diet” and found it effective, but, it can be difficult to impliment with lifestyle at times. For instance using Surge during a workout will pretty much use up your carb amount for the day. So that sucks.

I did have tons of energy while using it, but I’ve never had a prob adapting to low carb eating. It’ very easy to get lean using this book but really eating low carb will do that and that idea is nothing new. I will probably use it again when I do my next cut, whenever that will be,haha. I think the book is worth owning.

Thank you. I did not want to spend the money now if its main value was the diet portion of the book.

It’s on sale here for $27.54