Faigen's Natural Hormone Enhancement

I’m curious to know what everyone thinks about this book. I’ve read it a few times and the science Faigen includes makes sense, and I tried it for a while, but the results never came. I’ve heard a lot of good things about cyclical ketogenic diets, and that’s what this is, but again - the results never came, at least not when I followed NHE’s guidelines.

Any thoughts/tips?

Greetings friend,

I am glad you made this thread because I have been pimping NHE over on the Anabolic Diet thread.

If “results” did not come, we’ll probably need to hear more about what you were doing. One of the great things about NHE is that you are free you experiment with it.

For instance, Faigin says the diet is “high protein, moderate fat,” for the NON bodybuilding plan; well, I am not bodybuilding, but I actaully feel like crap when my protein is relatively higher than my fat. So what do I do? Reduce the protein and increase the fats.

Also, you’ll need to experiment a lot with the carb load. How much do you need in order to perform well in the gym? What source of carbs for the load? How many meals for the load? etc.

Hit me back and I’ll give you my opinions on the whole thing.


P.S.: Full disclosure: I am not one of these guys on the internet who claims to have more knowledge than he has in fact; I am in my twenties and have an undergraduate chemistry degree (though I did emphasize biochemistry more than chemistry, and I’ve done quite a bit of reading on nutrition). I always feel uncomfortable giving people diet advice through a keyboard without letting them know that!

I’m on it right now by coincidence. Been using for ~1 month now. Faigin’s scientific argument is certainly convincing, and the diet is intriguing in that it’s neither a super carb-restricted nor high carb (summated over the dietary week). The first few weeks I have been just “test-driving” to see how it felt, following his recommendations to the letter. If you do this, it’s (ketogenic) tough initially- especially the need to cut out most fruits, and many types of vegetables on non-carb days.

Prior to this, I was on a “zone” type split- ie moderate pro/f/carb with every meal.

My goal is muscle gain. I have not gained or lost weight thus far. However, I don’t think this means the diet’s a failure. It needs to be tailored to your goals. I planned on gaining mass with it, and to this end, I’m now trying his recommendations for the “bodybuilder diet” with greater carb restrictions most days, but higher carb-ups on carb days. Also bending the rules a little, using more cheat-type foods such as pizza and ice-cream on carb ups vs just simple carb meals only. E.g. tried to finish 2 large pizzas last night; unsuccessful. I think it might have been the 3 beers I drank alongside that messed me up! Did manage a small tub of ice-cream afterwards tho’.

So, what are your goals? And how long did you stay on the diet? If only a few weeks each time you tried it, I wouldn’t expect to see much, as this period is basically set up to change your body’s fuel-burning preferences. Like the last poster said, it’s not a diet set in stone, rather a “way of eating” that can be adapted to your needs.

I’d be happy to let you know my progress in a month or so.