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FAI/TFL/ITB/Glute Problems Fixed Them?

Always told I stand funny (lower cross syndrome I guess).

Always told I run funny, over pronation, leg flick away from centre. Is lesser as I’ve improved body control with age and knowledge.

Always had shit-house balance. Lunges are very difficult, I could never do static bodyweight ones, now I’m getting close to doing several static ones without losing balance.

Had 5 knee dislocations total across both knees. In order LLRRR, so left quad got bigger then right. Left knee doesn’t click/grind but right does. Also worth noting is the shape of my legs, hammie developed, upper quads/adductors around hips/groin very developed, around knee cap underdeveloped - always been like this. VMO + glutes go together, fits with lower cross syndrome / itb syndrome.

I do have a slight FAI on left side, probably from running into a chain fence pelvis height whilst running in the dark (this is years after my last knee dislocation) aswell as the active childhood and squatting. Osteo suggested xray to measure alpha angle and it shows angles are only 57deg left and 52deg right (apparently >55deg is concern). There is an os acetabuli on left and possibly ossification but radiologist didn’t mention it in report, so I’ve attached it hoping someone might confirm this? I have only minimal discomfort in left hip only and this is in goalie stretch / frog stretch type activities. Preferred squat and deadlift pattern is shoulder width feet - wide is

Nowadays the right leg is actually the better side despite the quad being smaller. TFL-ITB is tight but I suspect not inhibiting glute med/max activation completely or much. Nothing really feels wrong, but I don’t have great balance.

As I said, the left leg is actually the worse side. Left glute was not working in extension. I’ve almost got it working, but the entire left glute is probably inhibited more then the right and I guess this is the TFL-ITB being excessively tight. Evidence to support this is the bigger tighter quadriceps and doing birddog type activities the left leg steers away from centre when kicking back (in addition to running stride mechanics).

How the fuck do u fix it? I’ve pretty much done everything, Physio’s, Chiro’s, Osteo’s. Do I need to get someone to crank my left hip open and massage TFL/ITB a few times a week and do glute workout straight afterwards? Or is this left FAI not significant diagnosis a mis-diagnosis and the body is preventing me from correcting the movement dysfunction?

And I’m not weak anywhere but hips and rhomboids. Core activation and control is quite good due to good programming. I would like to know if anyone has overcome such issue or if its a bad genetics, bad luck, do what you can without making it worse type situation of aging (now just turned 30)?

Have you heard of John Barnes MFR? He is a genius and has certified over 100,000 practitioners so you will be able to likely find someone near you.

I have also had a lifetime of chronic pain and injuries and seen easily at least one person from every discipline you named but this is by far tha best. It is technically called Myofascial Release but it has little to do with conventional MFR.

It is literally called John Barnes MFR as he began developing it at twenty and I snaring eighty. I can almost guarantee it will be your saving grace. Good luck, I know it sucks. Look it up, they’ll get you better.