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FAI Surgery Scheduled

Anybody else ever had it done? Turns out I also likely have a mild labrum tear/avulsion. It’s kept me from virtually any lower body lifting these past couple years, and I’m itching to get back to it. I’m curious how long it took for others to get back in the game post surgery.

What exactly are they doing to you?

Last December I had a torn labrum repaired and they shaved down some bone on the neck of my femur to reduce the impingement.

It was three months until I was released to lift with the affected leg again. It took a while to get my range of motion back. And then I did a few front squats in July and aggravated something. I’ve been dealing with pain again since then.

Prior to that stupid moment I was doing great. I was the strongest I’ve ever been and pain free.

I’m able to train now. The biggest modification is doing box squats instead of regular squats. I have to watch my depth. The deeper I go into hip flexion, the worse it feels.

Sorry, I lost internet for a while, and then I forgot about this post. I’m having my labrum repaired as well as having my femur trimmed down to fit better in the acetabulum.

I’m likely going to have the other side done a few months from now. The labrum is fine, but I have symptomatic FAI on both sides. The side with the labral tear is the priority now.

That’s dissapointing that you’re closing in on a year out, and still can’t do front squats. I suppose anything is better than nothing, though, which is what I’ve been able to do the last couple years.

Got the surgery yesterday. Honestly, I feel much better than expected. I haven’t used any pain meds (other than what they used during the surgery). I’ll start physical therapy next week. I’ll keep updating this from time to time if anybody is interested in my recovery.

My pain was pretty low. I was off meds in two days. I mostly took them as a precaution. My last surgery was on my knee and after dealing with the pain for 12 hours I finally went to the ER for the good stuff.

I didn’t want to experience that again. Did your doctor limit you to 50% weight bearing on the repaired leg?

He told me 10-20%.

I was able to stand with Doc’s permission. But since I was 50% I only used one crutch to get around so I had a free hand to carry stuff. It constantly elevated my shoulder and ended up pinching nerves in the brachial plexus. My hand started getting weak and I had pain and numbness in my delt. Talk about a stupid self-imposed side effect of using one crutch.

Don’t do that; use both crutches.

Ouch…that sounds rough! From a pain standpoint, I think I could stand quite a bit of weight, but I don’t wanna risk messing anything up. This isn’t nearly as rough as I thought it would be, but I can’t imagine finding another time where I can just sit around and read/watch TV all day for a couple weeks.

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You’ll find that it’s hard to hold back because the only pain is from the incisions and what they did to you during surgery. They have to dislocate the hip to create room to work.

You won’t feel pain where they repaired the labrum or shaved the bone. There aren’t any nerves in those spots.

My wife is a teacher and I scheduled my surgery for her Christmas break. I took two weeks off from work which matched her break. It was nice.