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Fahrenheit vs HOT-ROX


my girlfriend wants to try Fahrenheit OR HOT-ROX.

we are both wondering which would be better and why.

obviously the Fahrenheit works. would the HOT-ROX work better? why or why not.

i read in the Fahrenheit article that it is specially formulated for women but is it "better" than HOT-ROX?

a little info on my girlfriend

23yrs old
athletic build
first off, shes fast as hell (we run/jog and do sprint work often) she has tremendous leg and core strength, can do a few pullups,has some rotator cuff trouble so we stay away from benching and the like--she does some overhead pressing as this doesnt bother her shoulder. her overall strength is phenomenal for a girl with her build. she deadlifted 245 for a 1 rep max a few months ago, i firmly believe she could get to 300 within the year--we both just started lifting again after a 1 month lay off due to relocation for school.

her nutrition is good but could be better. we are dialing that in now.
ive noticed that she does much better by simply creating a calorie deficite without being on a "reduced' calorie diet. we tried the 1200kcal a day stuff but she made better progress at about 2,200kcal/day along with an increased kcal expenditure. its still a calorie deficite but it give her more energy than the 1200/day type strategy.

again, i think she looks awesome but she carries a bit of unwanted fat on her butt and thighs (her words not mine).

personally i dont think she has much fat to lose but shes tellin me otherwise;)

we have a few friends who are currently using HOT-ROX and we have both noticed the increased progress they have made with the addition of HOT-ROX( previously they just tweaked their diet and were doing moderate cardio).
there fat loss over the last 3 weeks is what promted my girlfriend to ask about HOT-ROX.

im sure this has been covered before but i cant seem to find anything with the search engine. if some one can direct me to a relevant thread or answer here i would very much appreciate it.

thanks guys,
ryan b.


At 5'7 125 female, who sounds very strong... I would suggest to her Fahrenheit. It doesnt sound like shes carrying all that much fat to begin with, plus its designed for females.

But thats just me, and I'm not necessarily right. About anything, for that matter.


It's the 13th post down.



thanks guys, although im still not sure which one to go with :wink:

Cy ,(in the thread you posted the link to , above) you wrote :
"Fahrenheit is designed specifically for a less active woman. In other words, the woman who doesn't train seriously or keep track of her caloric intake, but is still making somewhat of an effort to improve her body composition."

categorically, this doesnt really describe my girlfriend (shes weight training , full body, 3 days a week, jogging every day, sprint work 2x/week and has a pretty good handle on her nutrition)... so im assuming that shes better off with the HOT-ROX? right now thats what im leaning towards.

if i misread or misconstrued something please correct me. if not--im getting some HOT-ROX next week.

thanks again.

ryan b.



From the post Cy is referring to:

"Maximum Strength HOT-ROX is designed for a great deal of people who have been on T-Nation for some time. In other words, the person who trains seriously and intensely. The person who actually keeps a food log or at the very least, has a very close approximated figure as to what their daily caloric intake may be. If you follow the training programs and nutritional programs on T-Nation, then Maximum Strength HOT-ROX is something you should definitely try."

Pretty self evident.


yeah, thanks for the cut and paste.

i guess i was just hunting for a blatant "yep. she could definitely benefit more from the HOT-ROX (or vice versa)--the Fahrenheit would be ok but the HOT-ROX would be even better for reasons xxx... maybe some other info that wasnt in the article or something."

HOT-ROX it is.


5'7'' and 125 lbs? Are you kidding me? Dude, sounds like your girl is the typical one who thinks she is fat but is nowhere near. 125 lbs at 5'7 is SKINNY, even on a girls standards. I would like to see a photo before i start making judgements. Don't waste your money on any supplement where its not needed.

She would be better off buying some Grow! and getting in some quality protein and some ZMA.


i bet youd like to see a photo!

i think shes "skinny" too--but if thats what she wants and shes healthy and strong , then i dont have a problem with it and either should you. plenty of people here want to get bigger, even though most people consider them "big" already. plenty people want to get stronger, though compared to the average guy they are already strong. obviously you see where im going with this.

as i said before she's really quite athletic, she has great legs, well developed hamstrings ,an awesome ass, nice back--she just doesnt like the little bit of jiggle and the little bit of "extra" fat she has on her inner thighs(again her words).
her overall build is pretty small--but she has decent musculature and fairly low bodyfat. her delts are pretty slight (if you want to be picky) but this is mainly do to her rotator cuff problems and not being able to do much heavy pressing.
she is no longer in athletics of any kind (previously track/volleyball) so she IS carrying a bit more bodyfat than she was a year ago or so.
again, i dont think its too much. she does.

shes getting
around-120-150gms protein day
-------150-200gms carbs
-------50-70gms fat
she eats protein+fat snacks throughout the day. her nutrition could be better but i consider it pretty damn good.
the little bit of fat she has gained has been over the last 3 months or so and shes just wanting to get rid of it.

the photo idea is great--i agree, and will post some photos soon along with a nutrition and training log.

thanks for your input,
ryan b.


Man my girlfriend went on 1 bottle of HOT-ROX and went on the T-Dawg 2.0 diet. She lost 5 pounds of pure fatty tissue while becoming even stronger. She's 5'7 and went from 127 to 122. She has a full 6-pack and her back is becoming shredded. Also, her shoulders are striated and her pecs actually have definition.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend HOT-ROX if her diet is dialed in.



thank you very much for your experience.

...real world, first hand, 'applicable', experience.

just what i was looking for.

ill show her the T-Dawg diet and see
what she thinks.


a teeny bit more info. i had her do renegade jump rope program by Coach Davies to begin each of her workouts. She then moved on to a "jumping protocol" which you can find on Coach Davies Fat to Fire I series.

I then put her on the actual Fat to Fire I protocol for 4 weeks. Then I put her on Lactic Acid Training for 5 weeks. 3 times per week we did a series of abdominal movements after her work out. One consisted of core movements such as ab wheel, plank (side and normal) etc. The other two days were serratus and oblique.

Her lifts went up, she is maxing her bench at the moment, and her ass has no dimples.


Massif is trying to tell you that he thinks "Maximum Strength HOT-ROX" not "HOT-ROX" would better suit your girl friend. There are three:

Maximum Strength HOT-ROX

You can probably get the Max Strenth cheaper here on the site than you can get regular HOT-ROX in a retail store.