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Fahrenheit Question


So, whats the difference between HOT-ROX and Fahrenheit? I just ordered HOT-ROX, should I not take that for some reason?


hi, chubbychic.

Well HOT-ROX and Fahrenheit are different. Fahrenheit was specially formulated for women, it's not bad that you take HOT-ROX. just it may not have the exact same results as Fahrenheit , also the amount of ingredients are different in amount (something might be less some might be more) I?ll will also be taking HOT-ROX soon, oh
well until then laters, takecare and buh bye.



I've been taking Fahrenheit for about a month now. I like it because it doesn't make me jittery like a lot of similar products do. I haven't tried HOT-ROX yet, but I've heard that it might have that affect. Good luck!


halfpin, how are your results so far with it and what else are you doing in combination to get those results?

I just started HOT-ROX yesterday, I took 1 at 8am and 1 at about 3pm. No dizziness or shakes, which I was very nervous about. I've never taken anything like this before (other than dexatrim as an experimenting teenager!) and some cold medicines give me nasty side affects. At that dosage, I didnt seem to notice too much of a problem sleeping. I was up later than normal anyway, so its hard to tell. So far so good.



What does your diet look like?

Dan "get ready to change your screenname" McVicker


Hey Dan, honestly, with regards to my "diet" right now, I am following a loose version of the V!!! I know, I know, its a long story, and I've NEVER I mean never, done stuff like that. I have run distances on and off for years and so if I wanted to lose weight, I would just up my mileage and lower my intake for awhile.

Well, after 2 babies, literally back to back (as in 10 months!) that old way didnt work. I tried for 5 years to lower my suddenly high bodyfat (29% give or take) and my weight, at the time of trying earnestly around 140+ I managed to get to about 136/137 but bodyfat did not change and I couldnt get lower.

Anyway, I am 5'5 always been muscular about 3 weeks ago, I started lifting heavy, doing HIIT instead of distances and going low carb that than graduated into a sorta V-diet, complete with Grow!, Surge and HOT-ROX.

I have lost 2lbs and I think around 2-3% bodyfat. Amazing. So, Im not sure if thats what you were asking, but thats my story. Thanks



Good results!

Be careful with a high level of calorie restriction plus a high volume of exercise/HIIT.

You have to make sure that you're not pushing yourself too hard. Shugs did weighted walks on his V-Diet because they are enough in terms of intensity.

If you like the level of intensity that you're doing, by all means, keep going, but try graduating to JB's suggestions ("Don't Diet") or even to the T-Dawg 2.0 (like the solid version of the V-diet with more calories allowed).

I understand the urge to hit on all cylinders, believe me. But speaking as the voice of experience, if you try to do too much (exercise) with too little (calories and each of the macronutrients) you're going to overtrain or injure yourself.

Again, though, you could have a different definition for HIIT. My mom does "intervals" to bump her heart rate up to 85% of her max, and then back down (to 60-65%). These are probably okay on the V-Diet.

But if you're doing something like the Tabata protocol (in my experience), you're going to be going hard enough that you're going to have a lot of trouble getting the workout done and even more trouble recovering. You might hurt yourself and have lingering injuries, resting heart rate might come up, you might have trouble sleeping, and on and on.

It's not worth it. If you're severely restricting calories, don't train to excess. If you're training excessively (high volume, high intensity) don't severely restrict calories.

What does your training program look like?

Dan McVicker


Dan, who are you man? You are wise and I will take advantage of you, you know that right?

MWF=3-4compound/heavy and 1-2 single joint heavy and 20 min on StepMILL. Rest for 3 @ level 4 and spiked to 14 (highest on mill) for 1.
T,TH=easy cardio 20-30min
Sat=Run 3-5

Food: M-Thurs. approx 60carbs or less around 12-1400 cals consisting of Grow! shakes, eggbeaters low carb wraps.
Fri-Sat: 1500 or so calories with carbs no higher than 150g. Concept being my longer run is on sat and this gives me more carbs.

I am taking 1 HOT-ROX in morning and 1 around 2pm.
I know Chris Shugart's wife only had around 1100 cals but I feel I need more. As I mentioned I put on muscle pretty easily. Dont particularly care for the bulk on me. Just my preference.

My goal: To get to approx 125+ and 18%-20% (or so). Once this goal is reached I will slowly up my calories and my carbs and start adding mileage back onto my running. (My first love) I will continue to lift heavy 3x a week.

What do ya think?


That's what the beginner forum is here for.

So women can take advantage of me.

3-4 sets of compound/heavy... out of curiosity, what are your rep ranges? What exercises have you selected? And further, how much training experience (with weight training) do you have?

I already cautioned you about the HIIT with restricted calories/carbs, but if it's working for you and you're not bonking, be my guest. Good thing that you're putting it at the end of your workout.

Oh, and if you're ever feeling a little down pre workout, make sure to divvy up your post workout meal and eat/drink a little before/during the workout.

This looks fine.

Two questions:

  1. Are you getting EFAs in your diet? Make sure that you're getting some fat from flax and fish oils if you're on a super-restrictive diet. It will speed up your fat loss. Protein is great, but it's not the whole story.

  2. Are you keeping a food journal?

That's fine. What kinds of carbs are you taking in?

This is also okay. Once you run out, you can switch over... I looked for Fahrenheit last time I put in an order a few days ago, but I didn't see it on the order blank. Hope they're stocked up for you.

Every woman says the same thing about muscle. But I wouldn't worry about a little extra muscle. It's sexy and feminine, at least IMO. As to needing more calories, probably.

Where are you now in comparison?

I think that you did your homework before you put together your program.

Dan "Food Journal" McVicker


*I have been lifting weights on and off since I was 16 or so. I am now 35. I am doing a program that has mondays being 2 sets @5 reps, wed 3 sets @8 reps and fridays 3-4 sets of 15. Compound include, deadlifts, good mornings, squats, presses, dips, curls, rows, combining barbells and dumbells. It was recommended to me over on JP Fitness.

*I cant say I'm not completely bonking, I certainly think there is an element there. Imean by the time I climb on the stepmill after 40 minutes of weights, I'm pretty wiped. It takes all of my being not to fall of the damn thing. But 20 mins of 3:1 is doable. My runs lately on tues and thurs 2miles or so seem to be my wall and I struggle wicked to the 3rd and stop after completing 3.

*I am actually doing 2tbl of flax seed and 2 fish capsules a day (when I remember)

*Yes, Fitday

  • Fruits, oatmeals, wholegrains and veges.

*I am currently around 134+ and 25%bodyfat.

*As we speak I have added more real foods in. I am now using Grow! for a couple meals a day and using real food for the others. I was pretty strict for a week or so, but honestly for convenience reasons, i.e. running around all day with two young kids, I cant really blend up my Grow! in the car or keep it cool. but I do pack things like turkey wraps, nuts and nectar protein drinks.

Running is also my passion and my priority and I find my lack of energy unbearable. Yes, I know that the V-Diet is NOT intended for high cardio and I tried going low cardio (just the HIIT 3x a week) but I just cant cut to that little and I miss my running.

*Dan, if I havent already explained it I am looking for a way to maintain a good level of running, lift weights 3x a week, eat well and lose weight/fat. So far it hasnt really happened. The combination continues to elude me. I have had endless people tell me that Im doing too much cardio, but if running is my love, how do I counter react that and still lose weight???


Maybe I can be of some assistance here. I work with a lot of multi-sport athletes who are pressed to modify goals due to competing demands. I was noticing that you are having a hard time reconciling the low-carb diet with your love of running. This shouldn't be to hard to fix if you are willing to compromise the diet a bit and make an adjustment to your training. I am essentially a power athlete (fastpitch softball), run 2 miles x 3 days in the off-season, and have a stomach condition that disallows simple sugars. I follow a modified low- carb that is much like South Beach only with more organic sources and a few wrinkles that seem to suit me better. Although I am a guy, I don't think that will make any difference in the application.

First things first:

Running is your passion! Don't detract from this- it is what makes you happy and that is foremost.

Diet is just like training and needs to be cycled from time to time until a maintenance level is established at your ideal condition.

Training must be set-up in such a way as to allow the body to accomplish it's tasks in an efficient manner.

Some recommendations from my own perspective:

  1. Training should be split so that running is on opposite days to lifting. You may already be doing this; I can't remember from your post.

  2. Dump the step-mill at the end of your lifting. I see so many beginners who are hellbent on including cardio in every session they do, yet I never see them add strength work to a cardio session. This bias is unnecessary and unproductive.

What is probably going on is, you are simply putting too much strain on your glycogen stores with regard to how many carbs you are taking in. Cut back on the non-running cardio a bit and you should see some improvement in your runs.

  1. Add some volume to the weightlifting and don't stay with HIIT too long. Best results in body comp over the long haul are the result of increased work capacity. You already experienced this when you added mileage in the past. It is just tougher now that you've had children.

  2. Also consider breaking your runs into intervals. If this seems to work on the mill in a 3:1, it should work fine with your runs as well. Experiment with ratios until you find something you can work with.

  3. Try adding some veggie and fibrous fruit into the two meals you consume prior to running. If you run in the morning, just add it at breakfast and see what happens. This shouldn't spike your blood sugar level much at all and will allow you to store glycogen for the run.

  4. Keep your cals the same (by replacing meats with veggies and fruits) or only slightly elevated and your energy intake/expenditure should take care of the weight loss.

  5. Keep you other meals over the week the same if it is working and don't be afraid to fine tune everything.

Please post any results if you implement any of these recommendations. Many times, it is very difficult to balance out an athlete's energy needs with their goals of weight reduction. They need to lose weight, but can't quit eating due to the demands of their sport. That's why sports are so specialized and why we cycle the yearly training to emphasize different things at different times without totally compromising other components.

I am very interested to see how this goes. I also struggle with these same competing demands as do many of my athletes. It is a constant process of refinement.


Titanium, wow! thank you for spending so much time on your post, Since originally posting, I have actually pretty much given up the V-diet. I realized that if Running is my love, I have to find another way to lose weight that includes my running. Not brain surgery I know, but my goal to lose the fat temporarily got in the way.

I know this Site really isnt big on Running but I do also love the weighttraining and the tips I have gotten in that regards. Not to mention "meeting" people like you with such good advice. I am now looking at lifting 3x a week with a 1-2 miles sprint after. On the OFF days I am running 3-5 miles trying to build that back up to a weekly mileage of around 30-40. I am hoping that continuing to lift heavy and running the distance will both accomplish fatloss and the running will help prevent muscularly, getting too big, which I dont personally care for.

My calories seem to be falling around 1500 on "normal" days and I havent really yet had a hard day (working my way up there) say like a 5+ mile run, but there I will consume more. I am trying to keep carbs around 200g (I weigh 135 @ 5'5) on normal days, It will be more on hard days. I dont think I have continued to lift heavy while running moderately and watching but not necessarily depriving myself of the carbs. I am hoping that combo works. With all that said, any thoughts? Again, thank you!

Feel free to send me a private message. I noticed I was unable to send you one.


Hi chubbychick! I'm a female moderator here on the site, and I also have a passion for running as well as working out.

I'm not sure if you saw this article:


In it I discuss how I lift heavy every other day to build and maintain muscle, and I run every other day to keep my bodyfat low. To me it's the perfect balance!


T-Mag Mod: ok, so not fair that you look that amazing! I am stomping my feet and pouting right now! Ok, my tirade is over. Damn Girl! Obviously you have worked your ass off (or On as the case may be). So Sorry to hear of your illness. I hope your recovery continues. I dont know how detailed you have read my thread but I do have to find the right combination. In the past I have tried running longer, eating more, eating less, lifting weights. but I dont think I have ever lifted hard. I have always stopped when I got uncomfortable with my "bulk" though the more I read here, the more I see that it could be the fat over my muscle that gives my that "bukly" appearance. I noticed that you said you dont run more than 6 miles.

  1. do you have an opinion on what would happen to my bod if I ran more distance than that and lifted heavy 3x a week.
  2. Do you HIGHLY recommend Spike before a run and what would you say is the true benefit of that vs, say just a strong cup of coffee.
  3. When you say that you do protein and carbs pre 2pm, do you workout in the am or pm and if so would you change that up based on when you worked out?
  4. Do you find that with your body looking the way it does in your pictures that you still closely monitor your calories or do you find your able to be less stringent now vs. trying to achieve fatloss?


Thanks for the compliments........Very much appreciated! I'm feeling much better now, and my strength is almost back to where it was before my illness, which makes me very happy. :wink: Thanks for asking.

I have read your entire thread and I'll throw my 2 cents in. FYI. I'm 5'6' and 130 pounds.

1) For me, lifting heavy 3 x a week builds and maintains muscle, and running helps me keep my body fat low. I'm not sure at what point (as far as mileage) would start to burn muscle, but I have a feeling 6 miles might be close. I've done 8 mile runs, and I found I lost too much muscle.

2) Spike has really helped with my running because it keeps me focused, gives me energy, and I find the run is over and I'm walking in the door before I know it. I've tried coffee, and it's NEVER done that for me.

3) Yes, I do workout in the morning. It just fits better with my work schedule. If I were to work out in the afternoon or evening I would change my eating so that I still had my Surge PWO, and a meal of P+C after that.

(BTW.....I think Surge is key to my recovery from both workouts and running.)

4) Hmmm..... good question. I don't count calories, but I always make sure to have sufficient protein. I know my body well enough now that with my workouts and running I don't have to "think" about my eating. Does that make sense? :slightly_smiling:

Please let me know if you have any other questions or I can help with anything else. Good luck on reaching your goals!


Interesting. You are one of the first "bodybuilders" that has not veto'd running. I really like distances and I wouldnt mind if I was a bit "softer" looking if it meant I could get my bodyfat down. I figured that you were at a point where your consious of what goes in your mouth vs. monitoring every bite. Thats a nice place to be and yes, I agree running does help with that.

Interestingly enough, when I run alot, I can pretty much eat what I want and not worry too much (understanding that I have sort of an auto shut off valve when it comes to junk food, which is good) I just couldnt get this extra layer of fat off, so that I appear "slim".

I will definitely try out some of your suggestions and keep you up to date.
Thanks again and good luck with your health!