Factors Affecting Lipids

I was on test cypionate at 200/wk with hcg at 1000-1500mh/wk split either daily or e3.5D for a couple of years. Lipids always came back great around 180 total with hdl around 70. FF to the past 1.5 years. For a year I was doing 300/wk test w 1000mg hcg/wk. The trend in bloodwork seemed to indicate I was trading hdl for ldl. Still a 180/200 total but hdl around 40.

3 months ago I dropped back down to my old protocol. ALSO though I cutout 95% of my alcohol consumption which was daily. I’ve also stopped supplements such as fish oil. My diet is actually cleaner recently. Lipids came back at an hdl of 38 and ldl 127. Wasn’t expecting that.

I do not take an ai. E2 was 48 w a max value of 60 on this test. I do not take an ai. I took one springy in previous years. TT was 1536, which isn’t trough. I had injected 4 hours prior. SHBG jumped to 31 from 22-25.

Trying to decide the path forward. I’m not entirely convinced dropping my dose lower would improve lipids. I’m also not convinced 3g of fish oil/ day was doing a huge justice to hdl.

I kinda think the alcohol had hdl elevated as crazy as it sounds.

Try SLO Niacin. Helped me a lot. 500mg morning and night.

Wow 200/wk 300/wk with a SHGB of 31 and 22-25, with no AI, E2 in range mostly, no HCT issues. You are unique. My SHGB is 29 and I can not go past 120mg/wk without needing .25/wk anastrozole and donating blood every 3 months until my ferritin crashes.

I have found low dose TRT(80-100/wk) for most of the year(no AI, no donating) with two blasts far better.

Hematocrit was looking to be a non issue in the past on 200/wk. it’s at 54 today. Was 52 before I have blood 6 months ago.

It’s as if I never lowered my dose. Maybe 3 months is just not a long enough time for a 33% decrease to show results? Not sure that 100% of it, but my plan is to start back in the fish oil and just retest every 6-12 weeks.