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Factoring in Protein from Non Meat or Dairy Sources

hi… just a quick question on whether its appropriate to add the protein content of certain foods such as brown rice or oats. would i be right in saying that plant based protein sources are inferior in actual usable protein content… which would mean i would be falling short on my protein for the day factoring in these food types. thanks.

Count the calories from said foods but I only "count"the protein if its a complete protein. FYI the protein from dairy is complete and should be counted. I’m sure there are different schools of thought here, but I would just make a decision and stand by it. Getting paralyzed by minutia is a great way to not make progress.

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Generally just count the protein from meat/fish and dairy


id say it depends on your diet, if you eat beans in one meal for example and also have rice later in the day, they compliment each other in completing protein chains (thats how some vegans pull off being a decent size). So if you actively try to pair non meat/dairy sources for their amino profile then count it but if not then dont bother because if you eat nothing but rice with your food you never get the additional complete protein.