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Fact Versus Opinion


ok so in light of all the bull shit callout threads and bitching threads about people's vaginas hurting on here i felt it was time for one more vagina juice soaked rant. ive noticed all these wanna be PhDs online have forgotten the difference between fact and opinion. i dont know how mnay times ive come on here to find someone post a q and 5 seconds later get raped by 5 responses saying eat more youre skinnier than my dick or youre split sucks do mine cause im hyuuuuge brah.

now dont get me wrong about the eating part i agree with that being the best answer most of the time (except in the case when youre eating ice cream for breakfast and want to "diet" down to a 28" waist) but people have different goals in BBing. my all time favorite thread was the kid with obese and diabetic parents who started working out to lose weight and half you fuckers raped him for wanting to lose more weight cause obviously he should bulk if hes working out. o idk maybe he wanted to lose weight so he could live longer than he parents were going to.

as for splits? were all pretty little snowflakes with different genetics. a fairly respected member on here recently posted his displeasure with full body training and asked whats 5x5. you serious? lifting noobs do shit like starting strength or 5x5 because it allows for them to make the most of their beginner gains the fastest - even if that means squatting 3x a week instead of doing arms for a whole day. as for what is 5x5? pull your head out of your ass. you claim to be an 'old timer' lifting for years - yeah well 5x5 came out 30 years ago. if you gained 100+ lbs on your four day split youre either onto something or maybe just maybe you dont want to admit it because then youd be less of a badass but just maybe you have good genetics.

yeah i know you started when you were skinny as shit but you grew and thats the point - you have good genetics for growth. theres other genetics than just staring out looking like a tank. just like the pros have genetics for good responses to test and synth or small joints and wide clavicles (but wait didnt they all start when they weighed 200 lbs?) you had good genetics to grow on what you did. and tragically that leads to what pisses me off the most. if i had 100 dicks i still couldnt count on them the number of times ive heard someone try to end a debate with "im bigger than you im right". yeah youre bigger than thibs and cressy too but theres no chance im taking your advice over theirs. this is supposed to be a "hardcore" bodybuilding forum but sometime i feel like less than 10% of people here have every stepped on stage or plan on doing so sometime in the future before the world ends in 2012. yeah i know vic richards didnt compete but sorry champ your no vic. and you know what?

i dont care if you dont compete - everyone does bodybuilding for different reasons. some of us started cause we were the fat kid in school and couldnt take our shirt off. some of us started cause our pop went to the gym everyday. some of us did it to try to get in shape cause we want to live long enough to see our kids kids. and you know what - i dont care we all have different reasons. thats why so many people love bodybuilding cause it helps you achieve what you want to achieve. im just saying stop trying to act like you know what everyone else wants (to bulk duoh!) and just give the best advice you can. thats why people come to forums - to get other peoples opinions


Hey man, more power to everybody and their goals. If I can answer a question I'll answer it, if someone is on the fence about something I'll steer them towards what I think is right, but I'm more concentrated on me and can give two shits about some of these other peoples goals.

I think a lot of the "you should bulk" comments are given to misdirected newbs who think they should be cutting but want to be supper jacked and cutting would absolutely not be conducive to that. If someone is very obese, hell yes they should cut and I don't see where anyone is telling people to just get fatter.

And btw who the fuck are you dude, first post ranting and raving about things that have been going on on this site for years. Why are people hiding behind new accounts, ohh I forgot you've been a lurker for many years. Come on dude.


ok so following your train of logic:
i mean i like your 18" guns there champ but honestly they have no triceps to speak of. id focus more on adding to the lateral and long heads of your triceps instead of worrying about how much your curling with that tiny bicep peak.

and for reference theyre going to lose size when you diet down and judging from the fact that youve been call slightly pudgy on here to be polite youll be lucky if they stretch the tape at 17" so i hope the rest of your package is up to par or else youre going to get eaten alive when you step on stage. its all about how you look onstage not the numbers you bring on there.

understanding youre probably more concerned with hitting 19" (a.k.a. my approach):
great progress man 18" is solid for anyone but since you are taller you can probably hit 20" with some good work. id focus on bringing up those triceps since they account for most of your arm mass. you might think you have big triceps already but you can get some pretty freaky mass if you hit the dips and skullcrushers for the long head.

im just saying show some decent respect for other peoples goals and dont be a jerk off when giving advice. we can all act tough on here where we dont have to see each other face to face but i hope most of you have more decency in real life


This post was utterly pointless.


dont even get me started slick. if theres anyone who has failed at reading comprehension on this site its you. i hope you have something better going for you with college than your SAT scores cause youre going to fail the reading section miserably. i dont know what you hoped to accomplish with your bulk but go to the appalachian mountains and hibernate with the fucking bears. i sincerely hope one of your idols on here intervenes and sends to you fat camp with shaq if hes still accepting kids


What a troll job. Make it less obvious dude. I'm telling you, creating new accounts and then posting about shit that has been going on here for awhile, posting about my threads and such is just a dead give away. Get a fucking life. I'm the farthest thing from a tough guy on here, but you seriously need to get out and smell the roses, you're shit ain't funny.


The ACTs are preferred here in Illinois, actually. Therefore, your argument, and possibly your entire existence, is invalid.

lol... slick


we need Print with some -Phail- pictures immediately




Okay I'm going to crack this bastard before I go down. Firstly, who the fuck are you? Who the fuck died, took a dick in the ass and labelled you God? You're probably some disgruntled pussy that opened a new account to smear the shit. Secondly, I'll take the advice from men that have walked the same path I'm walking, not some e-gurus that stopped taking AAS when they found out about "the evils". I agree, you cant use a cookie cutter approach and apply your split to another individual, but when a newb desires to grow bigger and is using a pussyfoot approach certain methods can be generalized.

The same can be said for basic dietary guidelines. Most cannot grow on a piss amount of protein and carrots. I don't act like I know what everyone desires. What is for certain is that this is a motherfucking bodybuilding forum. Men and women come here because they are striving to build their bodies. The basic formula to reach such a goal is universal. Lift big and heavy and eat big and clean. Now do us a favor and click your heels and go suck a dick.


So Im wondering, why create a new account to say all of this?


That's courageous. Make a new account to bitch and moan.


That seems to be a popular approach these days. Maybe I'll set up another account, too, and use it whenever I disagree with Prof X. Then again, I am a grown ass man with a life and all...

The funny part is, seeing as how X has these arguments almost daily, he probably barely notices who he's talking to anyway :slightly_smiling:


This sounds an awful lot like stringer. Mindless bitching, ranting about your inability to comprehend his amazing written grammar...blah blah blah. Probably needed this cause he was on too many ignore lists (add this name to that list too!)