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facial hair

hello there i am 19 and i can’t grow any facial hair. does anyone have any tips or products that could help me.

thank you in advance


Masturbate alot, then transplant the hair from your palms to your face… just kidding. But I really dont think there’s anything to do about it. On the plus side, there does seem to be a relation with guys with strong beards and male pattern baldness. Dont ask me to prove this. But there back in the old days. Here in quebec the used to cut off the testicles or choir boys so they would be able to keep their voices. Anyways… to make a long story short they never went bald and never grew facial hair…

Sorry bro, other than possible facial-hair growth from steroid use, you probably can’t do anything else to grow any. It’s pretty much a genetic thing. Besides, most people that I’ve seen who can’t grow much facial hair, don’t look good with it! Then you have guys like me that have had facial hair forever. I had a mustache in 7th grade. I grew my goatee in 12th grade and have kept it ever since. And yeah, Roman is right. Most guys who are hairy or have thickier facial hair, tend to have MPB. What a curse! LOL!

MPB and facial hair are both related to testosterone levels, or at least the proclivity to turn test. into DHT for the baldness. So a guy with even a middle of the road tendancy to be bald will be bald if he also has higher T levels. Guys with higher T levels (like me) tend to have very thick facial hair (like me). Many women that know this actually prefer bald guys for sex partners once they get into their 40’s because they don’t tend to lose interest quite as quickly. A cruel irony.

Substantial dosages of steroids will improve the situation.

The non steroid using crowd will bash me but the truth is a 10 week cycle of test at a gram per week will make a big difference. However don´t expect to be able to be able to grow a full beard after 1 cycle, It´s a gradual thing, at least for me.

Mag-10 is a nice alternative if you cannot aquire test.

You should feel lucky that you can’t grow a beard. What I wouldn’t give to rid me of this curse. Shaving sucks, I wish I couldn’t grow a beard.

Enjoy it, bro. Ever priced Mach 3 razors? Shaving sucks, and now that I’m out of the military, I only shave on Mon. Wed. and Fri. to save my face from too much scraping.