Facial Hair with Nebido

Hey guys, I’m 42 years old and after long slog, 3 low t results and eventually paying to see private endo my gp here in UK has finally accepted I have low t and require treatment. I’m due to start nebido in a couple of weeks time and was wondering if anyone on here has experience with it? Currently I can only grow a neck beard and mustache, virtually nothing on my cheeks. I still can’t even grow a goatee or even side burns. I was hoping someone on here of similar age with experience of nebido could advice me on weather at my age nebido would effect facial hair growth.

Obviously its not the main reason for starting trt, but it certainly would be a welcome side effect. Currently the only things I can find about its effect on facial hair was from trans sexuals and the only info involving men is its effect on mood, muscle and body hair. Nothing on facial hair. Any info on this would really be appreciated. Thanks for replying

Been on nebido for over 4 years now, works great but recently not so much, in the process of finding out why, I’m the same age as you and have always had a full beard so can’t answer yours question but it does speed up growth… hope it works for you mate

Thanks for replying irishgymphil. Yeah I’m hoping too. Heard mainly good things about it so hopefully it’ll sort out a few things. Hope you get yourself back on track mate!!

facial hair growth is mostly genetic. My dad does not - to my knowledge - have low t but has a full beard. I have low t but it was ruled out as a possibility for a long time because of my beard. Higher testosterone may thicken/darken the hair a little bit but I would not expect drastic changes.