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Facial Hair Question


I noted a slight increase in facial hair on
my last cycle. However I really would like to
be able to grow a full beard. Are there any
special considerations I should make with my
steroid cycle to achieve this.

My upcoming cycle is 1000 mg of test and 400 mg of deca per week-swithing to primo for the last
3 weeks. Total cycle lenght is 60 days - do I
need to extend this to get the desired result?

Also does DHT cause facial hair or is this the
product of another mechanism?

BTW The facial hair is not the sole purpose of the cycle-I want to gain mass as well…


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Listen fuckhead. Testicular shrikage occurs
when the nuts don´t produce testosterone for
a long time, the steroid dosage is irrelevant
in this regard 250 mg of test will cause the
same suppression as 2500 mg (of course with the higher dosage you get more sideeffects, but the
shutdown of endogenous test is not more significant.

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Funny this is the exact stuff I've been wondering about. I've noticed some improvement in beard growth after few a-sol cycles but I'm still waiting... How old are you, I'm 23. My dad said his face filled up at about 25 so you may look at your family and be patient. I'm still interested in the answer to your question, anybody?


In males not using adrogens, DHT is the primary (but not the sole) hormone for inducing facial (and body) hair. Both DHT and
T can induce facial hair growth, DHT being
more potent in this regard. Other forms of
AAS can also induce (facial) hair growth, but
not all - some are more potent at this than
others. You will most likely not get facial hair growth from oxandrolone or primo, but
test or trenbolone likely will. This also
varies from individual to individual based
upon genetics. Hair growth stimulation has a
certain "threshold" level both in terms of
total amount of androgen as well as duruation
of androgen presense. How soon/quickly someone
grows facial hair depends on the ratio of how
much/how long androgen is present vs how low
the threshold is. Someone with a low "facial
hair threshold" level might grow facial hair
sooner/faster than someone with a higher
threshold level even if the latter person has
higher levels of androgens. The only way to
tell what it will take for any given individual is to try stuff until you have
facial hair. Keep in mind that using AAS will
suppress natural androgens post cycle, so during that time period you will have no/low stimulus for hair growth.


Actually I'd expect any androgen can increase the extent of the beard if the beard is partial, if the dose is high enough. Certainly DHT isn't required, because you can get the
effect on cycles that include nothing that converts to DHT.

It's both a matter of dosage and time. Your
dosage is sufficient. Sixty days (about 8
weeks) will give an obvious improvement, but
I'd expect there would still be room for
improvement by later cycles as well.

An odd fact: Androsol is surprisingly effective
in this regard (which also indicates that
substantial doses are quite unsuitable for
women who do not wish to have beards.) Actually
I'm saying this just on personal experience,
but I got good additional coverage of the
beard with Androsol despite quite a few
previous cycles with other androgens (OK,
TA was stacked with the Androsol too), and
rate of growth of existing beard was faster
than it's ever been.


I read somewhere, that when testosterone levels decline, facial hair decreases. Does anyone know if this is true?


Opposite is true. when testosterone levels decline, facial hair increases, this means facial hair is linked with age, the older you are, the more facial hair you have. Facial hair is the by-product of men’s aging.


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