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Facial Hair Help?


I was wondering about facial hair I'm not a hairy guy and don't have much body hair but my face is full of it I have to shave over my cheek bones and right up my face. Seeing as I am 19 at what age will it stop spreading? because I don't want to be having to shave under my eyes as well.

Shaving takes ages and I can't afford laser is there anything else I can do?


Rub peanut butter under your eyes to keep the growth at bay. You should let it sit for a half hour at least.


Peanut butter? Seriously? I want to say something witty and sarcastic, but I don't know where to start. let's just see how this plays out.


Can't im all out of smooth and I can't use crunchy because I have sensitive skin.


Face the facts. You will look like this when you get older.


suck it up Nancy, my facial hair grows up over my cheekbones too and I haven't cried about it

Laser surgery for facial hari? c'mooooon


Crunchy gives you the beneficial 'exfoliation'.


There is only one exremely obvious choice here... Embrace it and grow an epic mustache.



The goatee saver!


gotta make sure it's the natural kind. ingredients: peanuts, salt.


not shave.


O well I suppose if I'm ever bald I can always have comb-over.


Speaking of facial hair Ive noticed that hair is growing ON my nose....what the fack?


haha matty. my dad used to have one long dark hair that would grow on his nose. when i was little i used to delight in grabbing it and yanking it out hah.

funniest thing... while it is fine and not actually long at all... i have a hair that is a bit noticably longer than the rest in exactly the same place on my nose.


I think we are somehow related :slight_smile:


Everyone has hair on their noses but some people are a little more noticeable as you age you cans tart growing hairs on your nose.


Yeah, I know but this is the first I am noticing them on MY nose, which is what I care about.


Its like a turkey thermometer Matty means you are done. :slight_smile:


You're using the kind that contains hydrogenated oils aren't you? That stuff's like facial hair fertilizer.


ear lobes ... i got on my ear lobes