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Facial Hair Growth?

Just wondering what everyone’s experience is with new growth. Bunch of new chest hair started growing about 3 weeks into gel treatment now I have like a week and a half of injectable treatment in. Would like to see my facial hair fill out. I have seen 14 year old kids with more facial hair. Obviously it’s going to take some time if it happens at all. I was suprissed to see how fast the chest hair started coming in.

This is really genetically based. If its in your DNA your beard will fill out. I got more back hair, my head hair grows twice as fast, and chest hair thickened up but my arms are still barely hairy as well as my lower legs. I did get a bit more on my thighs and stomach too.

I mean I definitely lost facial hair over the past decade of being low. I have looked at pictures from when i was like 20 and I had more than at 30. I mean I had a total T of 71 and i had felt the same for like 2 years. Im suprissed i dont have a nice set of tits to go with the missing facial hair. Prior to that im guessing i was a tiny bit higher but probably not much.

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I never had much facial hair in my 20’s. Couldn’t grow a beard at all. I frequently use higher doses than just TRT levels now, but the difference from when I started on T at 31 til now (35) is TREMENDOUS. I have a full beard now.

Same. I also finally got a full mustache.

Im 5 months into TRT and have always had thin, ratty facial hair. Its growing finer and thicker now, Im also seeing a few hairs on my baby smooth chest haha

I don’t think it really filled my facial hair out much. It is made my back WAY more hairy though

My hair is longer, after starting TRT I seem to be getting my arm hair caught in just about everything, I have two kitchen mops under my armpits.