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Facial Fractures

I got a zygomatic, maxillofacial, and mandibular fracture from being kicked in a muay thai match last weekend. Has anyone else had any facial fractures and typically how long before you can fight again?

Damn did they pack your sinuses with cotton gauze? If so you will be spitting cotton gauze for a long time, that junk gets way up in there and never seems to come out completely.

Jaw wired shut?

Jaw wired shut?

Dit they have to pack your sinuses with cotton gauze? If so you will be spitting cotton for a long time, it seems it never gets out completely.

No, no surgery or anything. They said it will heal on its own in a few weeks, and i should be good to fight in a couple months. They were all really small fractures. The reason I went to the doctor was because I was feeling like shit like a had more than a concussion. They gave me a CAT scan and said my brain was fine no bleeding but that they had noticed that I had a fracture on my cheekbone.

damn that’s rough. A friend of mine got his forehead (the part between the eyebrows) fractured. Looked like a racoon for a while…what weightclass were you fighting in?
How did it happen?
How much experience do you have?
Shin guards or no?
Sorry it’s off topic to your question but if you don’t mind I’m interested.

Guy I used to train with got popped in the eye while prepping for a fight, wasn’t wearing headgear. Broke his zygomatic arch, must have been a pretty good break because they put a titanium plate in. After that, he couldn’t spar anymore, and he had to quit grappling as well, since any pressure on it at all was excruciating. Apparently his doc said that would be permanent.

Yea, my injuries really aren’t that serious. I trained the other night rolling just telling my partners to be careful. I should have been wearing head gear. There was like 45 secs left in the round and I got kicked. I actually finished the round, but I knew something was wrong when I got kicked.