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Facial Fat?


I've got a "double chin", and I want to get rid of it. I am going to follow everything everyone posts to lose weight. My question to you all is, will the fat in my chin area tighten up or will it become flabby, once I do lose weight? Thanks. Peace.


Much of that depends on the shape of your face, your chin, and even your age. No one can tell you from what you wrote that dieting away a double chin will lead to tightening up the area. Many people have surgery in that area as they get older because it won't tighten up. Obviously, it will be less likely to tighten up in someone who was truly obese as opposed to someone who was just carrying a little extra weight for a while.


Yeah, I have a double chin too. Can't really till unless I look down and my skin seems to drop. I notice this each year I got older. I'm in pretty good shape and not too much fat on me, but shit, age catches up with you.


I am only 18. I'm 5'4 and weigh 205. I'm out of shape but I am an active guy. My mother was really heavy until she had the gastric bypass. I just wanted to know for sure it will tighten up or if I got to have surgery once I lose weight?


The chances are in your favor because of your age. However, your chin structure and facial shape will have even more to do with it. Like was said, no one can predict that for you. It isn't like losing a ton of weight is so easy that this should even be your major concern.


Young is good, as we age the elasticity of the skin is reduced as collagen and elastin levels change. Its like pulling the skin on the back of your hand, as you ages it can take longer to reform, if you were a really old person it might not form back at all. Also the skin thins out. Same as losing the execess skin on your beer belly if you get ripped after being fat.

I reckon if you were older you could eat packets of gelatin and increase skin elasticity and also MPS as Chondriotin (mucopolysaccarides and stuff).


True. But it's certainly not the most difficult thing with proper training and diet. And you won't know until you've lost the fat. It's definitely something you should do for more important reasons than having a thinner face. Once you're at an appropriate bodyfat, it will hopefully be a non-issue.


I was getting at his priorities more than anything. I don't understand the obsession with how his face will look IF he diets down instead of being fully focused on losing the extra body fat.


Some people just have a weak chin and this creates that double chin look. Without knowing what you look like it's hard to say. Being young, your skin will most likely tighten up but if you have a weak chin there isn't much you can do about short of surgical implant.


I guess I would agree


Every time I bulk up and inevitably gain some extra fat my face blows up like a blowfish and every time I diet off some of the fat my face gets nice and lean. Some people (like myself) easily gain "fat" in their faces.


I agree with X...Don't worry at all what your face will look like. Just lose the weight first. No matter what your double chin is afterwards...just loosing a good amount of weight will most assuredly make you look different.


Just keep your chin up and look at the ceiling. Simple. Or, walk on your hands.