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Facial Fat

Has anyone had any success or reccomendations with any OTC products that might help make your face more skinny? The good majority of my body is pretty lean but I have a “fat face.” Are there any thermogenic cremes that can help me target problem spots? Any types of exercises? :slight_smile: Thanks.

Joe, I responded to your other message, so just quickly, don’t worry about the facial fat. The way fat loss works is the last fat on is the first fat off. Once you get your BF to an acceptable level, you’ll have that hard, chiseled look you’re looking for. Please save your money on this one, and spend it on Surge and Low-Carb Grow. If you don’t know why I’m recommending Surge & Grow, you need to do some serious reading here on t-mag. Read everything ever written by John Berardi.

A couple of things might work: Try minimizing all salt intake; and quadrupling your water intake. After a few days, you should have lost a considerable amount of subcutaneous water, which may just be the difference you are looking for.

Nobody replied because it’s astupid post: if your face is fat, the rest of your face is fat, or it’s just sadly made that way. It’s clear: the hardest fat to lose is around the gut; if you’re lean there, you’re lean everywhere. Don’t bother us for appearance shortcuts: “pretty” lean won’t cut it.

I hate to disagree, Dastard, but everyone holds fat slightly differently.

Without debating that point, though, it is possible, if you've lost a lot of weight, that is just loose skin. If that's the case, it'll recede over time.

If you're intent on trying a topical fat burner, I have heard good things about Yohimburn. You may want to give that a try.

Hope this helps.

I wouldn’t recommend a topical fatburner on your face for a few reasons. First, they are all irritant, and with the high density of alpha receptors on the face, I can only imagine this causing problems. Secondly, a lot of “face fat” does not come from actual “fat,” simply because there is not a large amount of adipocytes there. It is probably largely water retention, which is why I suggested a method to reduce that. But everyone is different, so your best bet is to experiment with varying techniques and see what works for you.

This is a ligitimate problem and is a bit of an anomoly to the medical community. People who hold fat around their face and upper back, giving the appearance of a moon face, probably have a problem with hypersecretion of adrenal and or mineralocorticoid steroids. The precise mechanism for this is still unknown, but it is hypothesized to be because of a downregulation of beta 3 receptors, which are more prominent in these regions of the body. Unfortunately not much can be done, that is until a true anti-aromatase hits the market. If I were to make a suggestion, I would suggest trying a very low carbohydrate diet. It has been thought that this type of diet may upregulate beta 3 receptors, allowing fat loss in stubborn areas. Its worth a shot.

Good comments from Tatsuo and Poman.

I too have problems with the fat on my face being the last to go - with the resulting effect being that I look like a "moon face" when bulking. (despite maintaining shredded abs year round) Anabolics I found exacerbated this problem tenfold, so if you are using any sort of anabolics you can bet that a large part of your problem is water retention.

Like some of the others have mentioned, try lowering the sodium content in your diet - but the best all round tip that I can give to get rid of the "face-bloat" is adopting a diet plan similar to the Zone diet. I found that the Zone diet reduces the facial bloat even more effectively than the standard low carb diets do.