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Facial Fat Advice?


I'm 5'11" and 210 pounds. I'm very lean and muscular but my face makes me look like a fat kid. Anyone with advice on this without me losing muscle? I know there are facial exercises but i'm very wary of those. thank for any help!


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I am eager to see where this thread goes. As a former FAT kid with chipmunk cheeks Im smelling what your stepping in. I dislike the thickness I have in my cheeks with a passion


those face exrcises will only work the musculature of the face, the fat unfotunatly stays right where its.
facial fat stores are very genetic, but i do have a suggestion. being a strength coach i have not only have prepped myself and many young bodybuilders for competitions and ive never seen my or the bodybuilders faces get so angular then when weve done carb cycling or ketogenic diets, variations of hiit cardio, fasted morning cardio, "hot body" pilates in 100+ degree temperature (please dont laugh at that)strongman training, all intensities of weight training while takin muscle preservation supplements.

basically just get to under 9% bodyfat and your "mug" should get mistaken for a marvel superhero, i find the bodybuilder prep method to work the quickest and best. btw, I am not a bodybuilder but since i have coached some bodybuilders i felt the need to put myself thru what my athletes do so i could relate to the conditions.
one of the results i have gotten from that was face that was as hard and angular as if carved by the hand of michaelangelo himself.
i know i was a lil vague in my answer because right now its a mere suggestion if u want more info feel free to research or ask about the aforementioned suggestions


I didn't even get that lean when I dieted down (maybe a true 9-10%), but towards the end of things, when carbs were low and such, my face was starting to get really lean and sunken-in looking (to me).

Post some pictures maybe? Lean and muscular at 210, i.e. under 10%?


Wow, that is actually very cool


He is right, you gotta drop more fat.


my guess is your not as lean as you think you are. just drop some more fat and your face will lean out too.


hmm.maybe genetic..when i get cut my face gets cut too......keep sodium ultra low


Once my bf dropped under 5%, my cheeks sunk in :smiley:



Just throwing this out there:

"Fat Storage- Chin & Cheek: these first two measures are the first one to go down and they are not associated with any specific hormone imbalances. However if facial fat increases while other sites stay stable it is an indication of adrenal burnout. This might be one of the reason why modern bodybuilders are often ripped to the bone, yet still have a round face (Jay Cutler is a good example). "


This looks like a Poliquin statement, am I right in assuming this? Not meant to be sarcastic at all, just honestly curious.


OP, I felt the same. I had a bit too much fat in my chin/cheeks and it looked like I was just getting fat (in my face).

I also however, was staying up till 4-5am very frequently doing fucking raiding in WoW with my american friends.

Once I quit WoW and started going to bed at 11pm, waking up at 7-8am, the amount of fat in my face has dropped significantly (or at least I think so anyway).

So it could very well be related to what Ironman said.


I took it from the document that one of the forum members put together highlighting the best of Thib's Q&A, so you could well be right, very close either way.

I'm not suggesting that this is the cause, just throwing in an extra possibility for discussion.


It's from one of CT's older threads

EDIT: Poster above beat me to it!


It's taken out of the Bio Sig analysis handbook. That's basically what Poliquin teaches, but anyone that's taken the Bio Sig course will tell you the same thing (i.e. Thibs).



Same thing happens to me when I cut down 10-15lbs for the summer (not this summer though).


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Grow a beard. Problem solved