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Facial Analyzing Website


OK, so I've been having fun with this the last few days so I thought I'd share.

www.anaface.com you basically upload a pic of yourself, center it on your face, click certain points on the picture (such as tip of right ear, left eye, etc.) and then based on the dimensions of these points it scores your face for attractiveness:

I'm at 8.32 on my best picture so far.


out of 100 ? haha


Jessica Alba got a 7.48 :confused:


This is a load of crap. I tried it with a picture of Hugh Jackman and it gave him a 7.29 and said that his nose is too long for his face.


gosh that's perfect for people with self-esteem issues.


Its just a fuckin algorithm I got 9.52 ..and I aint hoter than Jackman..


it gave Aubrey O'Day a 6.5


SHEEETT, I got a 10.
BITCHES! :stuck_out_tongue:




Face only a mother could love.




My anaface.com score was OVER 9000!!!!!


Lets just let the T Vixens decide. So, Court, PMPM, JChenky, OG ... What's my score?

WAY more fun.


you drunk bastard!

you owe me

so yea those chicks are mine


I havent been drunk in 3 days. Jeeze.

Im serious.

Rate T-Men. Yep. Are you chicken?

Not like you Count.


hell no I'm not chicken

who you want me to rate?


oh, i did it wrong.

i went to analface.com

still a fun site!


Haha. No, the point is that they rate YOU. (Or US).


oh ok haha. well where are they? we need to get this started


Well if we're going to do it this way, we need pictures to judge off of. I have NO problem being a judge.