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Facet Joint Syndrome


Hi Guys,

So I was playing cricket, doing some fast bowling and the left lower back started spasming (left hander). Rested a week till better, than began bowling again, this pain got worse and couldnt got into much lumbar flexion, I think I irritated a disc. Got better again, a constant small pain in my left QL. So went chiro, said I had facet joint syndrome, do some manipulations first time, and started doing electrotherapy to help heal the strained QL. I dont think electrotherapy is the optimal solution, what would you guys think is the best option to rehab the QL and what should I not do, he said dont squat, but he also said nobody should ever squat, so I went ahead and squatted, didn't make things worse directly, although I think the postwork stiffness ( I lost my toe touch pattern) put more strain on my QL.

Thanks so much guys,