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Facebook, Twitter et al Side of Screen Icons


Hey all, Ever since T-Nation changed their page layout with Biotest in Blue, I have been getting the aforementioned Icons on the side of my screen blocking the ability to read text since it is in the middle THIRD of the damn screen.

ANY ideas as to how to eliminate this ?

I am using FireFox as my browser if that helps

Thanks T-Nation faithful !


have you tried squats and milk?


Dammit Yogi :

I was doing one arm bicep curls on the bosu ball upsidedown crosslegged !
knew i missed something...

Still, any moderators around that can help me eliminate this !
Its still pissing me off !!


Agreed, this addition is a big loser.


I foam rolled it, and it was all better.


Works fine in Chrome as long as your browser isn't minimized too much. I drove me nuts for a couple of days.


I love Archer.


Ya, it's one of my favorite TV shows. Danga Zone!


I DVR and watch on Friday nights.


Nice. I haven't watched this season yet. I'm missing the first couple of episodes (I DVR them too).


May be the best season so far. Over the top.


Well there goes my weekend.


How small is your screen bro?

They aren't bothering me much.


Yep, probably the best season so far.


I don't have any issues with the latest Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox, on Windows. Just checked all three. If the window size is narrow enough, the icons disappear.

Are you running the latest Firefox?




LoRez and CountingBeans:
As far as I know I am running the latest of firefox.
I will update now and let you know. thanks.

Screen is basic Asus 15.6"


Nope, didnt work. Now I've got a damned virus to go along with the side screen bullshit.


Lol, Jesus killerDIRK, how'd you manage to get a virus while updating Firefox?


I always dismissed Archer thinking it looked shit. Maybe I'll give it a go...