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Facebook Research


I saw an article a while back that said college admissions were looking at social media of prospect students. My question to all of you is do you check on other people's social media pages if you plan to do business with them? I have checked out several realtors facebook pages as well as potential child care providers and a guy I was going to buy a car from.

Oh I heard the gov will look at FB too when they require a background or security clearance.


in today's age, if your personal fb is not private when non-friends view it, you are dum dum


I work for a law firm and they use FB all the time for business purposes. As the Holy Mac above said - if your shit isn't set to private you're just exposing yourself.



Also, I don't keep any personal info on there that Facebook doesn't need to know about.


Not to forget that employers use FB to screen candidates - and about 30% of US companies have admitted that they have used social media profiles to turn down candidates.