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Facebook Reply Jealousy. Is it Just Me?


Does anyone else get jealous when other people's facebook updates consistently get more replies than your own?

3 of my friends in particular, NO MATTER WHAT THEY POST OR SAY, no matter how stupid, trivial or inconsequential, routinely get multiple comments. Doesn't matter if its pics, rants, a youtube link, what they ate, what they WILL eat, what they WANT to eat, etc. I may get 3 at the most and usually only if I post something controversial or really cool.

Granted, they have more friends than I do but, still.

I guess I need more attention lol




First of all, it would've been classic if no one responded to this thread.

Secondly, 98% of the 'friends' people have on Facebook are NOT, in fact, really their friends.

Don't be surprised when people who barely remember that one time the two of you small-talked about the weather while waiting for the elevator don't feel enough of a connection to you to play cheerleader for your trivial updates.

inb4 foreveralone.jpg and socially awkward penguin memes.




If OP is over the age of 15 he should be embarrassed.


I'm gonna go ahead and assume these friends have breasts, and that you do not.


[quote]anonym wrote:
First of all, it would've been classic if no one responded to this thread.



U Jelly. Don't be jelly, just learn to cater to your audience. Unless all of your facebook friends go to your high school and you're the star quarterback, you'll need to get creative to get some attention.

Look for trends in what your friends are liking/commenting on. Post at the right times of the day (i.e., when lots of people are online).

If I post a picture of my kids, or include my kids in my status, I'll get double digit likes and comments from family members and friends.

If I update my status with something clever regarding a common phenomenon or something in pop culture, I'll get anywhere from 8-20 depending on what I'm talking about and how close to the mark I've hit.

If I ramble on about something personal that NOBODY else is experiencing or has experienced, maybe one friend will comment with "lol wut?".

Pay attention to what works and what doesn't. This isn't that complicated.

Also, being somebody who aims to GIVE value instead of trying to GET value helps more than you can imagine - and this is a life philosophy, not just for facebook. When I post something, I'm doing it to entertain or provide some kind of value. If I don't think what I have to say is going to provide any value, I don't post it. That simple.

[EDIT] Or like someone else said, just get some breasts, that's fool proof.


I've got about 1500 to 2000 words to say on this particular subject, but I have ugly talents and I think I should just remain silent for the rest of this thread.


There's another one. Keep your friend list legitimate and you'll have better results. I have buddies on facebook with 1500 friends and very few of their posts get any attention. I have a bit more than 200, they're either family, close friends, or at MINIMUM friends from childhood that I can remember 2 or 3 significant things about them. If they don't meet that criteria, they're not my fb friend.


i'm only replying b/c i saw hallowed was in this thread



Fuck it here we go... this one is probably more relevant to SAMA, though.






grow the fuck up




I'm gonna go ahead and assume these friends have breasts, and that you do not.[/quote]

No they don't! If they did have breasts then yeah, that's understandable.


Come on, OP, be honest: how many of these can you relate to?


lol, you might be right.