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Facebook (Rant)


Ok, so I have a facebook account. I like it, it lets me stay in touch with some people I don't see on a regular basis and communicate and make plans more efficiently.

Most people can handle the concept of facebook. But there are some people who update idiotic shit. They reinforce my already low opinion of them at an hourly rate.

for instance (taken from my facebook page):"So I made a bold move and foolishly tried to use the "gps" on my wizard phone..then I'm told where I'm located does not exist. Obviously now I'm driving aimlessly through this mythically land of ..."

Now this particular person obsessively "posts updates" through out the day. I can't recall anything posted by this person that's been life altering to anyone. There are a few more people who let everyone know that they're "feeling ... uhm ... ok." Really? You thought that all 237 "friends" you have are dying to know that you're "feeling ... uhm ... ok"?

Are people really that egocentric that they have to post up on EVERYTHING they're doing as if their word keeps the sky from crashing down on us? They talk about bodybuilders being narcissists; I have a few friends from here on facebook and they don't post HALF as much useless shit as my non-TN friends. And we're supposed to be the narcissists?

And twitter. Don't get me started on twitter. That website is about 99% useless trash. That's a fucking narcissists DREAM. Let's see how much useless drivel I can do in a day, post about it, and see what mindless losers will "follow" me.

Seriously, get over yourselves for a second, stop posting about the mocha-capa-latte frappechino dipped biscotti that was so amazing you just to rave about to the 1,000,000,000 teenage zombies that are so afraid of the sun that they waste their day watching Hills reruns on demand (thanks GB), texting their friends how fab LC's hair looks, how much sugar flavored shit alcohol they drank last night and how high their tolerance is, and reading "twits" posted by the celebutwat that's the most "in" and the moment.

I might be being a bit too critical. Like I said earlier facebook and twitter do have their good points. I mean the majority of the media coverage we have from Iran right now isn't coming from the on-the-ground in the thick of the riot reporting but from actual demonstrators twittering their fucking heads off until the local fascists kick in their door and beat them until their heads actually fall off. But the use of this media is too few an far between for me to think it's actually beneficial to the betterment of human society.

I don't know, maybe I'm just ranting to rant. Could be. Maybe I should just shut the fuck up and think of something better. I think I'll do just that, but first I'm going to watch a bootleg pirated copy of The Hangover. I'll tweet you what I think of it.


Good post.

Pretty sure anyone with facebook has at least 1 or 2 friends like that. This is why I decide to hide their updates lol.

Status updates are only for important shit, or golden nuggets of humor. Two updates per week tops should be the rule.


You can block people's updates on FB. I do that with people who post all that annoying shit.


*presses the "like" button


Agreed on all accounts which is why I don't have facebook or twitter.


This is a major pet peeve of mine as well. Besides just the people who put useless crap on there all day... I really HATE the drama queens. People who post crap like this regularly.. "I really didn't think this week could get any worse, been hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel but now I know its not comming."

Or some similar horse shit... in which then their friends have to jump in and give them the sympathy they crave with comments like "whats wrong?" or "cheer up kiddo" etc. I just want to write FUCK YOU!


Hide their updates or remove them altogether.

Make a list of the people whose posts you actually want to see; then just click that list.


I fucking hate Facebook!



Clearly I am a narcissist.... I thought you were going to rant about my latest facebook update :slightly_smiling:

But yes, I agree. And on that note, I'm going to tweet to all my followers that I'm about to go lounge out in my backyard in my bikini to enjoy this 30 degree weather (that's 86 for you farenheit speaking people).


Pics or it didn't happen.


Oh yeah the best updates are the people who post crap at 3:00 am that say '...sleepy...'. Then continue to update that post until 5:00 expressing how bored they are. And finally decide that they want to 'going to sleep' around 6.

Then when you get online, it looks like the person was talking to themselves via text.


I don't check facebook enough to know if I have any friends who obsessively post updates. The fact that you know they do maybe says something about your facebook usage? At least you're not obsessively blathering out to no one at least, so you get credit for that.


Fuck you, Polo!


If it annoys you that much, filter their updates. I've done that with like a quarter of my friend list, but only the ones the constantly update their status with useless or uninteresting crap. It's interesting to note that it's mostly women I find the need to filter.

I don't even publish half of the stuff I do on Facebook anymore. Even I find it annoying to see my own posts on the news feed. Does anyone really care what my score was on some dumb quiz?

I'm still going to keep becoming a fan of things though just because I know how much it annoys Court.


I think both Facebook and Twitter are the types of things that, the majority of the time they are kind of useless, but when the rare situation arises that they are useful, you are damn glad you had them. Much like everything else on the internet, there is more crap than there is content. But that's just the way things go.

As a side note, why are you still facebook-friends with the people who you don't like?



i agree. rampant and boring facebook status updates and tweets make me think that all these people i loosely refer to as "friends and coworkers" are actually taunting me. it's like they're whispering in my ear, "hey wolf, read my trivial ass drippings. read them and watch all my other boring, asshole friends respond gleefully to my totally uninteresting, nobody-will-miss-me-when-i'm-dead, life."


I am pretty sure I am one of those who updates regularly. haha Thanks for hating Polo!!!!!


You get a pass because you're hot.


Women are absolutely the most active users of Facebook. Although Men are probably online about as much, they participate less. If you know a guy on facebook who posts all the time... he's probably a woman.