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Facebook Deactivate


That's right I deactivated this f*cker last week.

1 week later I feel great.

I changed jobs last year, it would be considered a promotion with more responsibility, better career prospects, salary etc. But I also was given an office to myself, unlimited internet capabilities etc. This meant more free time, internet time, facebook time - I was estimating 5 to 10 mins/hour for maybe 10 to 14 hours (??) - that's a shitload of time wasted.

I felt the time could be better spent reading, lifting, sleeping, being with my wife (and starting a family).

It came to a point where I say "fuck this!" - Facebook is taking too much time and I researched "facebook addiction" and deactivation looked to me like a great option.

My sister thought I deleted her (WTF?). One of my friends thought my account was hacked.

I'm not sure if I'll delete the account. My friends and family from where I was born and where I grew up are on there - I now live away from both where I was born and grew up. Maybe if I collected the email addresses of the people I wanted to keep in touch with I CAN DELETE Facebook altogether.

Did you ever feel like doing the same?

Did you never sign up for sites like Facebook and glad that you didn't?




I killed my (real) account some time ago. It was a good thing.


Best decision I made regarding that social networking stuff. Now I don't have to hear what people are in the middle of buying shoes, or what they just had for dinner and how good it was. People must really think that the world needs to know about the monotony of their daily life.


Facebook is from Satan. Thats a fact


Why don't you just use FB like a reasonable person?

Why get the email addresses of those important to you when you already have them on FB? I don't know about you - but the only people I have to my friends list are family and friends (not acquaintances, nor random people). And because I only have close people on my list - I already know what they are up to so the need to look them up isn't there.

The plus side is that it makes it easy to share certain news, invite friends to events, and share pictures.

Maybe you just aren't using it correctly?


This. Actual family, actual friends, actual coworkers. Less than 50. Some post random stuff, but who cares. I live on one coast and my family is on the other. It's a great way to post pics of kids and stuff. I've also gotten in touch with very distant relatives I haven't seen in many years. Facebook responsibly!


You're on Facebook?


I use facebook to get in touch with friends and family that live across the country. I've gotten quite a few friend requests from random highschool people and that shit always gets denied. I dont care what they're up to... Its basically like an upgraded email for me. I'm not friends with anyone who isnt a legitimate friend in real life.

i dont feel like I really ever "waste time" on Facebook. I'll log on, see if anyone posted any new pictures or something funny/interesting, then log off.


I killed my facebook account a couple years ago.

I don't miss it.


facebook wasnt even cool a couple years ago... you're so ahead of your time


Haha. I got in on it pretty early on; I wanna say around 2005 or so. I guess somewhere around late '08 or early '09 (when friggin EVERYONE was getting a facebook) I got rid of it.

I briefly considered making a page for my dog the other day. I quickly decided against it.


Possibly. Thanks for your point of view though.

I tend to do things extreme, finding middle ground is hard for me. But that's me and no one else. Dumping it was the most straight forward way - and challenging considering I make friends easily, used to give advice on status updates, posted things that moved me and not that useless shit which Facebook is known for spam, selling crap, awful games, numerous requests from those games etc. So until I can do it responsibly it's deactivated for good.

My family and friends live all over the world, so wanting to know what they are doing comes up more often than if they all lived in the same city, state or even country. Now the important ones are on my phone - if they are important I'll know how to reach them.

Perhaps I should elaborate, my job has always asked me to be extroverted, to go out there and meet new people, the public, sell something new. But I feel I'm more introverted and prefer keeping things private. As for sharing photos, my wife will most likely do that on her page.


I love the people that confuse facebook for real life. I have one but mainly for my mom that lives in another state. It makes it easy to share pics of her grandkids with her. A coworker was annoying the shit out of me so I blocked him on facebook and it was the funniest shit ever. He's one that confuses it for real life. He still doesnt talk to me for blocking him. I'd say it worked.

A little off topic : There are a couple facebook types
1. The lyric poster - posts the lyrics to the song he's listening to.
2. The vague poster - posts Wow, that was weird, with the hope that someone asks him about his shitty life.
3. The religious freak - obvious
4. The look what i just did - Posts every mundane aspect of their life.


Yep, Green, I'm on it. Apparently this makes me uncool.


Nonsense Deb. You're very cool for a whole lot a reasons :slight_smile:


That is very cool.

After having said that, I am so glad my parents are so non-technologically savvy to be on Facebook. My dad JUST discovered Yahoo Messenger.


My parents are all on facebook (3 step, 2 original), even my grandma is on facebook.

I really should clear my friends list down to a minumum, but sometimes it's just interesting to see what others are up to, and facebook is a pretty big part of college life.

I did a facebook friends purge after reading this thread...deleted 67 out of....455 friends. lol.



but yeah I ended mine about a year and a half ago. For people my age it's just another place to gossip and chat with people you don't really want to talk to in real life lol. Still, I could have kept it and been fine, but I was pissed at the time. Oh well I don't really miss it.



Thanks Xander. Green my parents can barely use a cell phone. We like it that way :slightly_smiling: