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Facebook Contest


Hello everyone. I've been an avid reader of this website and borderline fanboy for years. While I have ceased to post recently I have still been around, reading, and recommending everyone looking for either quality knowledge or supplements to this site.

Recently I have entered a facebook contest where the winner will receive skybox tickets to the Fedor vs Henderson strikeforce fight. The tickets go to the person with the most likes on their post on the wall of a local fighting organization.

Currently I'm in second, with the leader of the contest beating me by a measly 20 votes. It has come to my attention that he is using media of different forums to spread the word of this contest. In order to reduce this unfair advantage I have come to my brothers here at T-Nation asking for your assistance.

To help me win these tickets, and see my childhood hero, Fedor, fight in what may be one of his last fights will only take a second of your time. To assist, go to facebook and like the Chicago Cagefighting Championships group (seen here: http://www.facebook.com/chicagocagefighting) and like them. After that, scroll down their wall and look for the post by Mitchell Nix. If you think my entry is worthy of winning click the like button, leaving me one step close to winning.

Thanks for your help guys, every vote counts!


Hopefully the leader is not a member of this board as well!




get rid of the parenthesis


actual link --> http://www.facebook.com/chicagocagefighting

although i shall not do as you ask until you write me a tale of tales. one that tells of heroism/bravery and treacherous endeavors


I stopped reading at ''my childhood hero Fedor''