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I agree with all i think this is good idea hope you will add this feature

Agreed. It is absolutely terrible now. Facebook link just takes you to generic page with next to no actual discussion about the articles.

The old article discussions were so valuable before. Was one of the things that made this site so good. Huge step backwards in terms of intelligent and meaningful content since getting rid of it.

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I accidentally pressed comments on a Jim Wendler meme. I immediately un followed.

The amount of retardness was more then I could handle.

Also finding the “old” TNation atmosphere gone. Big guys telling the newbies to eat their damn wheaties is why I came here.

Now, 10 years later, I am starting to forget why I come here still.

Don’t get me wrong. Articles are mostly top notch and I believe you have the best supplements on the planet.

Their is just so many times you can see a question on cutting from an anorecix teen. Or “rate my program”. Or “I hurt myself and thought I would ask random internet guy on what to do”.

Ably articles from now on.


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Agree, both bonez and profx were ruthless to newbies

Dude, I miss profX. Way back when I was in high school and has no idea what I was doing, he taught me a lot of what I know now. And I don’t think I ever even talked to him directly, I just stalked through the forums and read all his replies and what not. These forums used to be the best resource on the entire Internet and now it’s a ghost town

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