Facebook Admits Fact Checks Are Really Just (Lefty) Opinion

Uh oh, more crazy conspiracy theories

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Oh I saw this… who didn’t know, though? Who the hell trusts the nimrods to fact check anything. All it means is that your post doesn’t align with the far left. It should be a badge of honor.


Don’t use Facebook then.

This is the extent of my social media… I hate them all. The problem is social media is a fake world that generates real emotions and hence people cannot distinguish it from reality. Which the platforms happily exploit, to people’s detriment. And while I am for breaking all of them up in to tiny pieces, people really do need to take control of their own lives and not subject themselves to mob mentalities. People far too often underestimate the power of the mob. It’s so easy to fall into group think it’s scary. All you need is a little encouragement, a compliment here and there to get sucked into it’s vortex.

This reads like a rant against trump, MAGA, etc.

Lots of better reasons to dislike SM than just the political clusterfucks it tends to foment IMO.

I will say that I see tremendous possibilities from the Oculus and Nazare programs at Facebook/meta in everything from business to sociocultural. It would suck to stifle such advancements because of jackholes on the original, barely related platform. I know the good stuff coming out of Facebook because of family inside knowledge in the R&D part of the company, but I’m sure Google/alphabet has some incredible stuff going on too.

Playing the Trump card, huh? Can’t you come up with something more creative?

I didn’t even mention politics. I made a completely different claim.

All fact checkers are opinions. I think people got that already. You cant fact check a covid scientific claim with “oh but experts said this is not true, therefor this is wrong”. First of all who are these experts, what studies they use. What is the general scientific concensus. Show me at least 15 studies that support your claim. This is a lot of work. So you are not fact checking anything. You show us your opinion with your lazy fact check.

Did Christian Eriksen colapse in EU 2021 because of a covid vaccine. The Internazionale owner came out and said no. Therefor the claim is false. Wait what the fuck? People, dont lie now? Can you actually check if someone has been vaccinated or you are that fucking lazy?

Funny how Facebook never admits to that at all, and its just an editorializing by the sources headline writers…

How that for fact checking?

Their lawyer defense is that the fact check are an opinion. What more straight forward admitting do you want? Of course when brought to justice they will play the it is an opinion card. But in reality it is just an opinion.

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And if he had been vaccinated it doesn’t mean his cardiac issue was vaccine related.

What they “admitted” (as if they were hiding something they had to “admit”) is that they source their fact checking (which is ultimately an opinion based on a variety of evidence) to an independent third party, who the source article deems “lefty”

Facebook didn’t admit “we use lefty opinions and call them facts”

This could have been a non-editorialized title such as “Facebook confirms that it’s fact checking is done by an independent third party”

You do realise that all that is for legal reasons. So facebook is not liable in defamation cases. However in their first defamation case they admit it is just an opinion and not a fact check. I am not sure what you cant understand. When they become liable, they pull what New York times pulled - it is just an opinion card. If it is just an opinion do not tag it as misleading or bann people. Easy peasy.

I cant make my point any more clear… The very headline of the article is “fake news”, Facebook did not “admit” that “its fact checks are really just lefty opinion”

They clarified that their fact checks are the opinions (in so far as facts are opinions) of the writers from independent 3rd parties, that the NYPost regards as “lefty”, but facebook did not “admit that its fact checks are just lefty opinion.”

The larger point being that if the NY Post wants to be taken seriously, maybe dont have the very first thing that people read (the headline) be an editorialized, heavily skewed version of the events that actually transpired?

You do not understand how facebook operates. They hire 3rd parties for fact checking and moderating. Just as any larger social media. It is done exactly for legal purpose. So if someone is taking legal action against facebook, they go into a loop of companies and facebook can declare it is not us, it is them and it seems they are having just an opinion. Even if you win, you won’t have facebook win that will land you millions. You will win against a small company and you will earn nothing.

The mere fact facebook declares their fact checking even via a 3rd party or outsourced is an opinion. Proves that it is not a real fact checking.

Tiktok hires a company in Bulgaria for moderation. The salary is insanely high, because the drop out rate is high as well. I have some people that have worked for the company and they say you are forced to moderate killings, beheadings and etc.

I have no clue which companies do the moderation and fact checking for Facebook, but I am pretty sure they are based in Ireland, Cyprus’s or Bulgaria.

Then you obviously didn’t read the article that this entire discussion is about. You are talking about something completely different than what I am talking about.