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Face PullZ


did (rope) face pull at low cable, due to today soreness it seems that is a good excercise for delts,like dbs lateral raises.
it's just me or what?



It targets the area differently. I've seen visual progress in my rear delts and mid traps, but I don't know if it's due to them.


Started doing them after reading this article


Aside from punching myself in the face a few times whilst doing them I certainly noticed a lot less pain in my shoulders after a few weeks. In terms of delts I'm pretty sure they've made a difference.


What's strange is people saying they feel a REAR DELT exercise in their REAR DELTS and then asking if it's just them.

Like... I did lunges last night... and... today my glutes and quads are a bit sore. Could be just me though.



Yeah - kind of surpising that an exercise which involves the mid traps and rear delts would lead to growth in those areas.


Where do you guys pull to? Eyes, forehead, IBB style? Does where you pull to seem to have any different effects? Just curious.


The thing is that I've been growing all over. Another reasoning I had is because I changed from "yeah, 3-12 or 3x15" to doing as many sets as I could before seing a decrease in performance. The reps were lowered to 6. I know I sounded stupid at the beginning, this is an exercise I like and I've done it before, but I think it was due to rep/set scheme changes.


yeah... above forehead, I guess IBB style where you pull your shoulder blades back, then kind of do an external rotation movement. Works well for the mid-upper traps/yoke, rhomboids, rear and side delts.


pretty sure you'll feel it more in the rear delts/ mid-back area if you pull to the neck/chin area. Then as you gradually move up to the forehead and above you'll put more stress on the middle delts/ upper traps.


I'm pretty sure the OP is actually saying that he felt them in his medial delts today, hence the "like db laterals" or whatever it was he said...not him being blown away by a rear delt move hitting his posterior delts...


again, I hope to be clearer this time LOL
face pulls with rope to eyes,
lateral (side) delts soreness NOT rear(back) delts.
I was surprised because I was told that FP are an ecxcercise for traps/upper back,that's all.
and yes,when I do leg press/trapbar lift I don't ask why my legs/butt are sore LOL



Buzza - 1
Brick - 0




To the chin. From the lat tower. Body perpenpedicular to the angle of the cable. Shoulders, elbows, and hands form a straight line.