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Face Pulls


Would someone mind describing (or better yet posting a pic) of what a face pull is? Thx in advance






Here is a pic from elite fts


not sure what a face pull is, but I'll tell you what an ass-whooping is: that is what your pokes took today from my beloved Sooners...



And what USC gives them hehe


That is cold, the dude just wanted a answer to his question and u bash the cowboys, maybe he isn't into football


Actually I do care (a lot!) since I played football there for a year.

Tough year, no doubt, but it was expected. We should be a lot better next year and we'll punk the gooners at home.


i find it funny.

that's also why i am fan only to a winning team.


P.S. nobody cares about college ball.


Two things: 1)Face pulls will really finish a good back workout. 2)College ball is the only thing worth caring about anymore.


Hey man, just breaking your chops - I consider myself a displaced Oklahoman up here in NY - while I love the Sooners, I don't have a hatred for all things orange like some of my family does down there...I like to see OSU do almost as good as the Sooners every year (except for the Bedlam game of course!)

BTW - what happened with the kid Reid? is going to start next year or what? I thought I had heard something about him possibly transferring...


Small world, man, I love in NY too (Brooklyn).

Reid missed the last 3 games due to 3 dislocated toes (ouch). Before that, his play was very erratic. His last game before the injury he finally looked like the recruit he was coming out of high school and then got hurt and his season was over. Real bad timing on the injury.




what part of 'nobody cares about college ball' don't you understand?

i said it therefore it is true.


face pulls are excelent, i have replaced them with shrugs and suddenly my traps have come to another level.