Face Pulls?

So I tried doing Face Pulls today, Im following this routine here: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Anyway, I kept getting pulled forward off my base when extending my arms back out to starting position, am I doing something wrong? I had to bend my knees and 1/4 squat down to prevent myself from being pulled forward, and even then most of my weight was on my toes… is that normal?

lol of course that’s normal, if something is pulling you forward (like a cable) than obviously you will feel like you are being pulled forward…

The answer: lean back!
If you really feel like upping the weight, then feel free to sit back into a squat, but honestly you really dont need to load this very heavy to get a lot out of it; when i do them i barely have to lean back, and Im only 185 lbs at 5 9.
keep the goal in mind, we do facepulls to work our rear delts, external rotators and maybe a little upper back; you’re not gonna get a lot of growth and strength gain from these, that’s what rows and chins are for. In my experience I didn’t start getting anything out of them until I lowered the weight and did them really deliberately with a big emphasis on external rotation and a pause at the contraction of each rep.

Do them in a lat pull down tower and put one foot on the knee pads. Keep your chest high and keep constant tension.