Face Pulls with Lots of Weight?

I know face pulls are a prehab/assistance exercise, but if I can pull the weight with good form, is there anything wrong or potentially bad about doing fairly large amounts of weight?

It’s random, but I just got the thought in my head.

probably depends what you think large amounts of weight is defined as

As far as I know, it would do you nothing but good. Try it and let us know, just be a stickler for form.

With this exercise (and similarly any sort of external rotation) I try to focus on the rear delts, which means using less weight. It’s not a matter of what I can pull, but rather what I can pull while consciously rotating my upper arm. Otherwise I find the upper traps start to get into it.

So in short, I’d prefer to do my rows heavy and focus on form with face pulls and the like.

I’ve done it, but I must echo the former posters’ comments about the importance of form; at heavier weights, I feel I end up defeating or overlooking the purpose of the exercise, if even for one rep. On the other hand, if I don’t feel like I’m really hitting the area, upping it to a moderate weight and less reps I find is a good compromise.

Our team does them with a green band as a prehab/assistance exercise like you said. However I can’t see why doing more weight wouldn’t cause some hypertrophy and strength of the rear deltoids and traps.

Facepulls at light weight are a rotator cuff exercise. At higher weight the movement becomes ballstic and so turns into mainly a rear delt and trapezius exercise with less external rotator involvement.

So how much weight you use depends on what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

There are alot better exercises to go heavy with to work your upper back than this one.

[quote]redroast wrote:
There are alot better exercises to go heavy with to work your upper back than this one.[/quote]

Thanks for the replies, I think my question’s pretty much been answered now haha. So I think I’ll just stick to lower reps for my RC and try out some other lifts for my upper back.