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Face Pulls Precisions Please


I started doing them a few weeks ago.
- What is the proper/ideal height the cable should start from?
- What should be my finishing arms position?

I searched and read/seen videos about many "variations". I understand that everyone has access to different equipement but the gym i go to is quite equiped.

I do them for balance, proper posture, rear delts and the area i call romboids but covers some traps. I kind of plan to rotate between reverse flys/Pull-aparts/Face Pulls.

Thanks for your input.


Personally I set the cables at eye height, hands should end up around your ears (use the rope attachment). Shoulder blades pinched as well.




Face pulls are amazing, and I do them twice a week (back and shoulder day). The easiest way for you to actually become productive in these will probably be to youtube some bodybuilders doing them in their vlogs(video blogs). The face pull motion is going to be slightly unique for each person, including you, depending on your body specs, so youtube 2-3 guys doing them and then you can go into the gym and try out some variations for yourself.

I know Matt Ogus is big on them, I would probably try to see if Eric Helms or 3dmj has any good videos on them as well.