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Face Pulls & Nailing Form to Correct Scapular Issues


She can lift anyway she wants! Seriously though, the short rope almost forces that wrist position. If she were to Eagle Talon grip the knobs at the end of the handle, or use a longer rope or 2 rope handles at once she could probably get straighter wrists.

It’s crazy how much round shoulders make you loose the neutral pelvis. Or how much APT makes your shoulders slump.

Lately I’ve been trying to turn my hand all the way palm up, almost trying to get thumbs pointing behind me. Just trying to go a tiny bit farther each time.


haha the youtube comments were exactly as i thought they would be!!!

Completely crazy, really getting a grip on this has really made me notice how rare good posture is!!

ahhh perfect, that’s what i have been striving for, seems to go hand in hand with that serratus firing hard


Here’s a new one

I tried these Monday night before working back and Tuesday night before dumbbell bench. I was a little squirrelly and not 100% sure I was hitting what I was supposed to hit, but they felt pretty good. They made dumbbell benching feel really stable.

Nerve Shoulder Injury/No Right Pec Activation

Another one to do with dumbbells or a band or laying on an incline bench. Or doing the top half with Blast Straps or TRX handles.