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Face Pulls & Nailing Form to Correct Scapular Issues


Man, it’s probably good to avoid Ripplestilkskin. Dude is on video saying “it’s anatomically impossible for overhead presses to impinge the shoulder joint.” If you have an impinged shoulder you know that’s bullshit. He can’t help you with these problems because he doesn’t acknowledge them. He chooses to stick to his sillyness. He doesn’t care about your shoulder.


https://www.instagram.com/p/BnCzd_nguEU/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=htxgpr7pdqd1 try also this, It’s the exercise i feel my serratus working the most and it really helps the posture


I like that exercise! thanks for posting it here! definitely can feel my serratus activating, especially on way up, on way down not so much.

I have just finished reading Evan Osar’s book (flats you linked one of his videos) it’s called Corrective Exercise Solutions to common hip & shoulder dysfunction.

found it really interesting, a lot of physiology that i was not familiar with & techniques that i can already see some progress with.


-Those moveU guys look pretty cool. Tons of info, really fast.

-Was the Evan Osar book an ebook? Any info/techniques worth passing on?


it’s an ebook i bought it on kobo books. you can get it paperback too i think.

a lot of the information in regards of wall slides, floor slides, exercise performance was interesting. much of it you covered for me in your posts. But learning some bits that i didn’t know also (hopefully this attachment works)

i’ll happily paypal you the dollars to buy the book on ebook for how you helped me out if you drop me your email

i can tell you since i first posted on the forum & your answers , i have improved massively, i can contract my serratus & feel pressure taken off my neck & shoulders. i’ve also noticed when i do sprints, i am running so much smoother! another big thing is i’ve realised how much time i have wasted with the amounts of stretching i used to do. condensed & brief & my body feels so much better!


Ehi man what kind of scapular stability and control exercises the book recommend? Is it worth buying?


For 10 dollars, if you want to understand the anatomy & physiology , including why you have problems in the shoulder/hip & then a plan to correct, i would recommend it. i wish someone would of told me these things 20yrs algo!

the exercises are not ground breaking, wall angels, prone thoracic extension, wall slides, wall planks. but they all come in either 3/4 progressions, then like flatsfarmer talked about pec minor release, lat release etc…


Oh man, thank you for your gracious offer, but you don’t have to pay me.

I’m just glad we’re on the right track and that you’re making progress. Like you said, I wish we knew this stuff sooner. It’s kinda frustrating that this information was out there the whole time but we didn’t know the right questions to ask to find it.


Nice thread, feelgood factor through the roof.





This is worth a read

Found this interesting, at same time the level of attention required to correct this is mind boggling!

am feeling great & have made some great progress in 2 weeks. but i mimicked some rowing movements today seeing if i could maintain stable scaps & no way! my scapular came crashing back as i pulled (just my arm)


I bought the book and I’m finding it very useful, but I have one doubt: during the wall slide do you try to max protract the scapula pushing into the wall or you just push lightly in the ulnar aspect of your hand?


i push with the ulnar aspect of my hand until i get a feeling of my serratus activating & try to maintain that level of pressure. i find it easier when i do the slides one arm at a time. i think if you over protract it will not be efficient.

watch this & see if you get any more tips


i went to the gym yesterday & got really good lower trap activation with the incline shrugs, but with the trap raise i felt my upper traps activating a lot! & on the rear delt hold my triceps were cramping. ( these moves were based on flatsfarmers suggested routine)

  • good work with the lower traps.

  • the prone trap raises took a few tries for me too. Holding at the top, like Poliquin mentioned eventually worked. After enough tries I could feel my upper traps relax and the right stuff contract. Turning my thumbs “out” to get more external rotation of my arms helped.

-Focus on “depressing” your shoulders during the rear delt hold. I like to think of a turtle poking its head out of the shell. If your upper traps are tight and bunched and your shoulders are shrugged up, your triceps will be working all alone. If you can get your shoulders down and your arms extended all the way you should be able to get your rear delts and all your back muscles working with your triceps.


thanks for the advice, how many times a week are you training the scapular movement like wall slide? and if you’re injured to only one side are you training both of the sides? Are you strictly following a plan to recover or you integrate these movements to your normal workout? and last one: do you deadlift?
Sorry for the multiple questions but I fell that dealing with this problem is like making three steps ahed and two back


if you go up in the thread im doing what flats farmer suggested, so the thumbs up drill, pec, bicep & lat stretch, mobility drills. each morning.

am doing the dr osar drills for example wall slides, prone thoracic extension etc every other day.

in the gym am just doing also what flats farmer suggested. So the prone trap raise, incline shrug, rear delt hold & the rear delt cable move/ mobility moves ( see above posts)

am not injured, am doing it because i’ve had many injuries in past & am sure it’s related to this. So training both sides. My plan is to basically see how it develops, when i feel confident to integrate other moves i’ll add them & see if i need to continue the “rehab style” things i am doing now.

i don’t deadlift, am currently just doing split squats & single leg stiff legged deadlift with dumbbells. i could be wrong but i feel like if i lift with poor scapular stability i’m just going to make things worse.

Finally… i wouldn’t take my word as gospel. am just following a blueprint flats farmer kindly allowed me to see. What i will say is that i do feel amazing & i can definitely feel myself heading in the right direction


Thanks for the reply,

appreciate the descriptions. i’ll give them a try & let you know!!

the incline shrug is great, i practised them with 5lbs weights single arm to start & really got the technique nailed.

I watched a video with ben pakulski last week & he said something that i think is important & that’s to “initiate with the working muscle”

i don’t know whether it’s because my background was sports & we always just trained to be explosive but i’ve never thought of technique like that. i guess for bodybuilding that’s important, but there must be good carryover in rehab moves, because isolating muscles is important for those purposes.


Yes! In sports you’re concerned with getting your arms up there, not How they got up there.

I was trying to research the differences between performance training (like lifting as a sport, focusing on barbell weight) vs putting on muscles(focusing on feeling the correct stuff work). I found this cool chart.



thanks for the chart! really cool!

everything i have learnt recently tends to support most technique i learnt for power & my sport while supporting performance isn’t congruent with “healthy” movement

for example, a powerlifting style bench press where you retract/depress scaps & lock them. while making your bench stronger, isn’t exactly a good thing for shoulder health. am tempted to bin bench completely, it seems very contraindicated. i might just stick to press ups when i’m back to full training.