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Face Pulls for Upper Back Strength


They're meant to be corrective exercise, but does anyone do them for upper back strength? I've been trying to do that as well as for shoulder health, but I notice the weight keeps pulling me forward so I have to heave a pretty steep backwards lean. Anyone else like this, or are we not supposed to load it heavy?


I dont think facepulls are meant to be heavy,I do them with a relatively light weight.If your doing them for shoulder health then keep the weight light other wise your form will suffer and you might become injured while trying to avoid injury.


Pre-hab / Re-hab movement.


I’ve had pretty good results in overall upper back strength by going heavy on it (near bodyweight). You can get significant contribution from your lateral delts though. If that’s a concern, i usually do some super high rep lateral raises first. Nothing special, just tiring the muscles out.


They’re not a strengthener. It’s too weird a movement on to go both heavy and hold good form.

Use facepulls for what they’re for, and let the big exercises take care of your upper back.


They are more for rehab as every one is saying but… when I keep my reps up and my rest down I have not found a exercise that gives me a pump in my side and rear delts like face pulls do.


How heavy can you go without pulling yourself into the wall?

I’d imagine a lot of weight would hurt the shoulder socket … ?

If you want to use a lot of weight, your body is better off doing it as a row movement, not lifting to your face. Maybe your chest, at most.

Pull to face would have to be the weakest position to do any pull …


The problem is that when you go heavy on them is you start to use muscles they weren’t designed to hit. The rear delts aren’t meant to pull heavy loads, imo.


Well in nature, when the hell would you pull a heavy load TO YOUR FACE. Not even when climbing, you pull to your face, you fall over. If hanging from a tree, you pull to your chest or midline. We simply are not designed to do it.

BUT it is important to work that area.

Wish I could think of a good way to do it. Damn those rear delts.