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Face Pulls Count as "Pull Reps" for Assistance?

Dp facepulls count as pull reps ? Been reading conflicting stuff

I’ve been training for a long time assuming they dont count, so I’d be doing shit like 50-100 pulldowns followed by 30-60 facepulls (3-4 sets of 10-15) on any given workout

havent had any issues with that but it might still be sub optimal without me knowing

I categorize Face Pulls and band pull aparts as “pre-hab” and as such consider either movement as mobility.

Yes. They are in the assistance section of Forever.

I believe Jim says to use your judgement as to whether you need to focus more on pull-ups/rows etc, or something easier like some face-pulls, for a given day. Think programs like Coffinworm, sometimes you might just want to do some face-pulls and curls and be done with it.

I don’t count face pulls or pull aparts towards the “pull” category of assistance. I do maybe 25-50 during warm ups/mobility, and try to get another 25-50 at some point during the workout or after.

I like to super set them with my pressing assistance

I do. I also do them fairly heavy with good effort to really keep them strong. One messed up shoulder due to weak yoke was all it took me to be woke.

Still waiting to find someone who has an imbalance because their back is stronger and extremely more over developed than their pressing muscles.

I don’t count them and like some others said I usually superset all main lift sets and warm up sets with them.

Yes and No - this depends on your current fitness level and only you can answer this question.
For some people, it does. For others, it does not.

Use your best judgement based on your experience.

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Climbers. But they are in general seriously weak at pressing. At least I was.

They can also have terrible posture with internally rotated shoulders and very tight pecs. But you are right I haven’t seen it outside of that group.